Spoiler-Free Review: Cloverfield


If you have seen the trailer of the movie, then you probably realize what you are getting into. Cloverfield is Blair Witch meets Godzilla, with the audience allowed only as much information about what exactly is happening as the characters have themselves, and it works fantastically well. And that’s key to the film’s second stroke of genius: its nearly subconscious evocation of our current paranoid, terror-phobic times such as the 9/11 nightmare. However, Cloverfield is a movie that will enjoy an abundant amount of discussions and theories among your friends for a short period of time (maybe a day or two), but it will not resonate for long. The first question will probably be the “where question” and that’s can easily be solved if you pay attention to the movie and actually attach all the information given into one complete picture. However, The “what” and “how questions” are up to your imaginations and theories. The performance was great but not always; it certainly wasn’t believable as Blair Witch was, but it managed to evoke an array of emotions that were similar to what the characters were experiencing. Surprisingly, the movie has its fair share of humor and smart writing but sometimes they seem a little nuisance and out of place. Also, bear in mind that the movie views the catastrophic, literally earthshaking events through the lens of one character’s digital video camera, complete with rough, nerve jangling in-camera edits; thus it might cause motion sickness to some people, but it will probably subdue after 30 minutes or so. Sitting in the theatre, watching all hell break spectacularly loose in Lower Manhattan, and watching the reaction of the audience is certainly a fine experience that I highly encourage to participant in, and the movie deserves to be watched just for that, even though it’s an 80 minute film.


Cloverfield isn’t particularly a great movie or a bad one either; it simply modifies the genre by allocating the best elements of thriller and sci-fi flicks. But to be fair, this is probably one of the most intense, stomach-churning, and breathtaking movies I have seen in awhile and it deserves a nod for its effort. For brave hearts only.

The Bottom Line


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sushi on January 19, 2008 at 6:22 am

    Oh yeah that one. I heard so much about it. I’ll try to find someone to go watch it with but do you suppose they’ll censor it? Should I download it then?


  2. Not my type of movie I prefer comedies rather than scary horror flicks.


  3. I’m really going to watch this movie, I have been looking forward to it for a while now!!


  4. @Sushi

    No I don’t think they were scenes that are worth censoring. I think you will get to see the movie fully or like 95% of it. You better watch it in the theater to experience perfectly.


    It’s not a horror movie per say but it is certainly a movie that will leave you breathless.


    I bet you will find it enjoyable.


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