The Imaginary World Of Women


I want to start this discussion in an objective manner rather being subjective. That is, free from personal biases. It’s no brainier that we live in a world of men despite the fact that men are currently a minority in some countries according to world’s population. But what would happen if there’s been a shift in power and women became the dominating power of the world, specifically in the political medium? Many says that women shouldn’t have a role in politics simply because they lack the intelligent to understand the game of politics, or simply, they are too kind to construct a political decision without consulting their hearts first before their brains. But then again, most of nowadays leaders (political and religious alike) are men who have no ounce of compassion to the human race. They tend to follow the rules of mind instead the rules of the heart. Wouldn’t the world be in a better place if compassionate, sympathetic individuals took charge in these situations? One might argue that there would be fewer wars if women ruled the world, and that’s a feasible consequence that even I agree upon.

Unfortunately however, the situation isn’t black and white. Throughout the history, women have always dipped their hands in the art of war and violence in some shape or form. For example, didn’t a woman brought down the Roman Empire? Didn’t a Princess caused World War 1? Wasn’t Golda Meir who resolved to the tactics of war instead of tactics of peace? What about female suicide bombers? The list goes on and on.

I am a male feminist after all. I embrace and encourage gender equality and female empowerment because I personally believe when you empower a woman; you empower the whole family, and eventually the entire society. However, when I show my support for women leaders (or the proposal of female judges) that doesn’t necessarily mean that those women would bring peace and prosperity to the world simply because they are female. No, I support them because I’m embracing gender equality in politics, and maybe, just maybe, their visions that I might find them ideal and prosperous. After all, there are no conclusive evidences that women are absolute caregivers of peace, nor the opposite. Another angle that’s worth looking into is that women don’t generally agree with women. Do all American women agree with Hilary Clinton’s visions and ideals? What about the recently assassinated Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto? Your answer might work with your agenda, but certainly not a true representative of the whole population, regardless if you are male or female.

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  1. Love the pic.


  2. @Jasem

    Yeah, I was lucky when I found it. Very expressive 🙂


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