Palestinians Want Peace With Israelis

One of the worst western hypocrisies (specifically in the western media) toward the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is that Israelis want peace more than Palestinians, and that Palestinians usually want to wage war with Israel instead of peaceful processes. However, the recent Gallup polls beg to differ.

The overwhelming majority of Palestinians want peace with Israelis. Only Hamas supporters reject it in large numbers (but nearly by half). Not only that, the support for peace had increased since 2006 as the latest poll shows. Click HERE for detailed report.





Another poll showed that both Palestinians and Israelis favor nonviolent solutions. Click HERE for the report. However, I find the following poll quite scary:


I hope President Bush’s promise that both nations will achieve peace by the end of the year will come true, but just like his past acclaims, the probability for that is highly unlikely.

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  1. I had never seen those statistics before. Good for you for bringing it to our attention.


  2. Posted by greyshorts on February 9, 2008 at 10:35 am

    Interesting . 44 % never for Israelis . Go figure .


  3. Posted by Sushi on February 9, 2008 at 11:55 am

    Well that’s nice but we already know this, what’s one poll going to do compared to a whole jewish a.k.a american media?


  4. Posted by Sushi on February 9, 2008 at 11:56 am

    But you have all the credit of course for making it known 😉


  5. Its sad, but it doesn’t fit the agenda of the Americans or Israelis and a lot of people are caught int he cross fire


  6. 41% of Israel’s Jews favour segregation a poll, conducted by an Israeli organisation, found(Chris McGreal in Jerusalem Friday March 24, 2006) of Geocartographia, for the Centre for the Struggle Against Racism. An anti-apartheid struggle against the Israel is likely where such a situation continues. Israeli employ other similar strategies such as collective punishment, for example, the destruction of the family home when one of its members is arrested as a suspect in an act of resistance/terror; torture is accepted to extract information with civilian doctors recruited to make sure that the victim doesn’t die; the ‘Standing prohibitions’, ‘Periodic prohibitions’ and ‘Travel permits’ are comparable to the South African practice of sealing off townships; but of course it’s the wall, being used to create Bantustans; as this throughly non-comprehensive list, all items are comparable with the former South African regime and all are in breach of specific humanitarian and human rights law, and of course UN Conventions.

    Things can change fear and hate are the obstacles,


  7. @Intlxpatr

    It was my pleasure. Hopefully, these polls shed some light on the conflict.


    Well, at least the majority of Israelis prefer nonviolent actions and terms…let’s hope these statistics hold for long.


    LOL no problem. Yeah, we know it but the rest of the world don’t…so I thought it was my job to pass this info.


    Unfortunately you are right but let’s hope for a sudden change in their so-called “agenda”.


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