The Brazilian Waitress


Last night the guys and me went to a grand Brazilian restaurant we have in Downtown for a birthday celebration for one of our friends. The way they serve the food there reminds me of a Lebanese restaurant I once experienced in Dubai. Basically, there is a color shaped cylinder placed in the middle of the table and it had green, yellow, and red strips from the top to the bottom. When you flip the green side upward, the waiters just keep bringing you food like none stop and when you flip in to the red side, they simply stop serving food to your table. In our condition, let’s just say we never flipped it back to the red side through the whole evening. However, the highlight of the evening was the energetic and amusing waitress that was serving us drinks. We certainly had delightful and memorable moments with her. Allow me to share them with you.

We Are Simply Kuwaitis

The Waitress: You guys look like Arabs, right?
All of us: YES!
The Waitress: Where are you guys from?
All of us: KUWAIT!
The Waitress (joking): Kuwait? Why the hell are you here? There’s no oil here.

Brazil Vs. Argentina

My friend: What do you think of Argentina’s soccer team?
The Waitress (whispers): Can you keep a secret?
My friend: Absolutely
The Waitress: Between you and me, Argentina is like the Israel of the Latin world
My friend and I (astonished): …………

Girls of Rio de Janeiro

Me: So where are you from specifically in Brazil?
The Waitress: I am from Rio de Janeiro
Me (gasps): I always wanted to go there. What is the best thing there?
The Waitress: Sexy girls. And sexy girls who know how to dance
Me (laughing): Seriously?
The Waitress: Yeah of course. Look at me. Am I not sexy enough for you?
Me (still laughing): oh no, you are certainly sexy, and cute too. Angelina Jolie is eating her heart out right now
The Waitress (smiles): Hmph! I thought so too

Tea? But Alcohol Is Better

The Waitress: I heard you Arab people always serve tea when somebody visits your house or office. Is that true?
Me: Yes, like most of the time. But that’s usually common in the Gulf countries
The Waitress: And I heard that if I didn’t accept it, it would be an insult. Correct?
Me: That’s true if you were served by the Bedouins
The Waitress: Ahh, you mean the people of the desert. I mean they don’t live in the desert but their grandfathers used to live there
Me (troubled): I…I guess you can say that
The Waitress: What if I want coffee or soda?
Me: That’s OK. You can order whatever you want
The Waitress (smirks): And what if I wanted alcohol?
Me (in a whispery voice and smiling): Actually, you will find people who will actually serve you alcohol. At this day and age, it’s not entirely impossible
The Waitress (smiles): Really?
Me (in a whispery voice): Yes. And probably they serve it to you without even asking you in the first place

15 responses to this post.

  1. Gosh, thats funny.. sounds like u had a blast :d


  2. i didnt know that they were the israels ofsouth america!
    i’m gonna go look for latin jews and ask them now!


  3. Posted by desert-roses on February 23, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    That was interesting to read!!


  4. The restaurant in Dubai, where in Dubai is it? I’d like to try it out 🙂


  5. im surprised she knew kuwait exsisted


  6. I heart Adriana!


  7. I know what you mean about Brazilians! That must have been a funny night, you should have at least gotten her number!

    Didn’t know that about Argentinians either!

    Adrianna > All Women!


  8. That woman sure knows a lot about arabs!


  9. Posted by Sushi on February 26, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Of course she knows so much about Arabs. Mashallah rabbi3na mo mga9rin by making that information known to people like herself though somewhat under different circumstances. It’s obvious from her conversation how she knows exactly what strings to pull – key words for you “Arab men/Kuwaitis love Latinos/Brazillians..etc, sexy girls, booze and so forth”.


  10. *points to Sushi*

    She said it, not me! 0:)


  11. And the best post of the year award goes to……THE BRAZILIAN WAITRESS BY ANGELO!! 😛 …. i always get the horrible looking waitresses 😦


  12. wow, I really enjoyed reading this post, haha lovely waitress!!


  13. @OpeRon

    We had so much fun…but she definitely adds a bit of flare to the gathering


    I don’t think she meant that Argentina has Jews with that comment but more like Argentina is bad as Israel.

    @Desert Rose

    Glad you enjoyed it hun

    @My K

    Oh Gosh…I don’t exactly remember since the last time I went there was like 2002 or something. Sorry man 😦


    Well there are lots of Kuwaiti and Saudi students in Denver so I’m pretty sure she met a plenty.


    Same here 😀


    LOL, well I couldn’t since during the evening she mentioned she has a boyfriend.

    And I second your Adrianna comment.


    Well, I’ll let Sushi handles your comment 😉


    You hit the spot with that comment Sushi. You sure knows your stuff 🙂


    LOL you think? Well thanks buddy 😀

    Hope you got to meet some hottie waitresses one day.


    I’m glad you enjoyed it ^_^


  14. I doubt someone like her would go read books about what she knows about arabs, she must’ve had some sandy relationships before that night


  15. @The M Code

    LOL you think? I dunno, Denver isn’t the kind of place where it’s rare to encounter some Arabs. So I bet she got her info from whoever she meets in her daily life. And yes, she doesn’t strike me the type of person who would read books for information.


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