My Pizza Delivery Guy Was Abducted By Aliens!


Recently, Domino’s Pizza has started a fierce campaign that they can deliver their pizza in less than 30 minutes. Previously, they used to say that it would take 45 minutes to deliver the pizza to my place whenever I called them. However, they did manage to stick to their words; I have been receiving my pizza in less than 30 minutes ever since they started the new campaign. Maybe they recently recruited more delivery guys or invented an ultra fast oven; I honestly don’t know what their new secret.

Anyway, not too long ago, we had some snow showers in my area and I was so cold to do anything that I decided to call Domino’s for a hot pie with extra cheese. The delivery guy took more than 30 minutes (50 minutes to be specific) to reach my place. When I opened the door, the delivery guy apologized for being late but I told him I understand since the weather was terrible. And then he smiled and took a pen from his pocket and made a check mark on the right side of the pizza box. When I got back to the apartment, I inspected the pizza box for the mark he made with his pen. I laughed. This is what the delivery guy marked for his delay:


PS: Don’t you think the post title would make a hilarious movie?

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  1. hahaha! Thats hiarious!


  2. Posted by Sushi on March 18, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    loooooooool !!!! I love your pizza guy!


  3. I’m a pizza hut kind of girl but hey whatever tickles your fancy! :-p


  4. lols!

    Reminds of my times in Kuala Lumpur when I used to regularly rder Pizza hut. They would be later than 30 mins, and then offer free pizza vouchers as apology! When we moved out I had a pizza party to celebrate, most of it free:)


  5. This makes me want to order dominos just so I can see have him mark that he was abducted.


  6. That’s a SCREAM!!


  7. it’s true the post title would make a hilarious movie


  8. @Marzouq

    Yeah, who knew Domino’s has a sense of humor 😛


    He sure caught me by a surprise when he pulled that off.


    Actually Adorra I love Pizza Hut more but Domino’s is a bit cheaper here, especially with the student coupons and stuff.


    LOL, that’s awesome. I wanna go to Kuala Lumpur just to try that. 😛


    LOL, well if you are leaving near Area 51 then your chances are quite high 😀

    @Ms. H


    @The M Code

    I know. Too bad it would be butchered by the critics.


  9. Posted by Noe Males on October 7, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    They are using monsanto ingredients to addict people.


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