My Top 10 Hottest Female In Gaming

Sure, we guys love to play videogames most of the time, but we also enjoy the leisure of gawking at hot female characters made of pixels and digital inputs. At this day and age, videogames are becoming more realistic, and sometimes, characters are turning to become more beautiful and sexy than some real life models. My job to pick 10 hottest female characters in videogame is a hard one but not entirely impossible, especially since I decided only to pick one female character from each game series (which means selecting the entire Dead Or Alive gals is a big no-no). Again, this is my list, not yours, so don’t be upset if your favorite vixen didn’t made my list. Hey, life is a bitch, so deal with it.

10. Princess ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda Series

It’s quite impossible not to admire one of the oldest and hottest princesses in the videogame medium. After all, if Link is willing to drop everything for her and rescue her in every incarnation of the Zelda franchise then so can we. Zelda is probably the only character in my list that is quite modest and elegant in uniform, but we all know that underneath this royalish attire is a one hot sexy body. Plus, she got a hot set of ears that is impossible not to “foreplay” with.

9. HitomiDead Or Alive Series

What can I say; Hitomi’s has the looks of an innocent schoolgirl, which I adore for reasons that should land me in jail. Her blue eyes, her small luscious lips and those sexy curves are certainly to die for. Whether I am dead or alive, Hitomi shall be one of my strongest contenders in my list.

8. Sophitia AlexandraSoul Edge/ Soulcalibur

Lady Sophitia is possibly the hottest mom among all the characters of the gaming medium. With the look of a Greek goddess and a voluptuous body that can kick major ass, Sophitia stands as one of the most beautiful female fighters ever created. Of course her strong will and determination are something to appreciate as well.

7. EVAMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Guys often have a weakness for bad girls, and Snake is no exception. Not only she used her charm and good looks to win over the trust of Snake but she also used it against his enemies in MGS3: Snake Eater. She looks fabulous in a bikini, she’s dangerous and she’s got crazy magnetism. She’s might not be the ideal woman but to deny her beauty is a true abomination.

6. Ada WongResident Evil 2/ Resident Evil 4

Ada Wong is still a compelling figure as the femme fatale of the popular game series, and utterly the most seductive character ever created. Her sexy red dress and seducing black high heels have made her quite recognizable among gamers, and the fact she oozes sexiness even in zombie infested wastelands makes her a true beauty among the thorns.

5. Lara CroftTomb Raider Series

Is there any doubt that Lara Croft is the perpetual video game heroine? This buxom adventurer has become a cultural icon and probably one of the fewest videogame characters that broke through the mold of the gaming medium into the masses. With completely eye-popping and disproportionate features (and a sizable arsenal of firearms), Lara is truly the incarnated figure of Angelina Jolie, and vice versa. She still stands as the world most famous heroin, and her share of adventures gives Indiana Jones a run out of his money.

4. Mai ShiranuiFatal Fury Series

Anyone who played Fatal Fury or King of Fighters knows that Mai is a standout characters among the growing roster of female fighters in SNK universe. Her provocative body, her bouncy bosom, and her delicate face are one of the many reasons that gamers drool over her. Mai doesn’t mind that her sleeveless ninja outfit is barely adequate to cover her ample breasts, but some say that’s her part of strategy to distract her opponents.

3. Samus AranMetroid Series

Considered the first lady of the gaming world; Samus Aran hands down is the biggest tease Nintendo ever created (even among their hush-hush release dates). She’s always wearing that damn suit and refuses to take it off unless you beat the game with a respectable time (or item collection) record. Upon completion, Samus stripes down to a tight bikini suit that shows her stunning 6’3″ body frame and a radiant blonde hair. Hell, she’s so sexy that even the good old Solid Snake wanted to have sex with her, so I really cannot be blamed for liking her so much.

2. Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy VII

It was quite tough to choose the female candidate to represent the entire female cast of Final Fantasy series, but Tifa beckoned among them all and shattered through the frame with her deadly martial arts. Even though she can be insecure, Tifa is one of the more richly drawn and intricate female characters around. With her sultry outfits, delicate looks, and the sleek black hair, Tifa doesn’t really need her fists to do the talking; her body alone is enough to KO most of her opponents…even monsters.

1. Aya Brea Parasite Eve Series

One of the things that turns me on is when a girl doesn’t realize how hot she is, and Aya is definitely a woman that doesn’t really pay attention on how she looks because she let her natural beauty speaks for itself. Saying goodbye to her sexy nightgown after the first hour of the game is one of the hardest farewells a gamer has ever gone through. Even though Aya’s DNA is quite messed up (she’s an Artificial Neo-Mitochondrial breed) her short blond hair, her serious looks, and her sex appeal are quite worthy to ever conceive a genetically-mutated child with her.

17 responses to this post.

  1. hmm.. I remember seeing another list like this in Edge magazine, it was pretty hawt too..

    I think your missing a few people! lol


  2. Lara Croft? :/


  3. Why does Mai Shiranui have balls? wahaha


  4. Posted by greyshorts on April 5, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    I applaud you for your courage on putting up such a nerdy post =P
    No hentai ?


  5. Damn been a long time since I heard the name aya brea the game needs a sequel or remake on ps3 or 360 something my top 1 would be ayane from Doa what can i say love ninjas lol how about top anime one I’ll do one as well


  6. Posted by vixenfatale on April 5, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    tifaaaa *droools*


  7. LOL hi-la-ri-ous.

    Boys and their toys.


  8. Check out the girl from Red Ninja: End of Honor.


  9. Posted by Sushi on April 9, 2008 at 10:29 am

    lol aw Angelo, I was expecting to see Yuna from FFX =P Or that Black Magic woman I forgot her name. For me it’s SQUALL SQUALL SQUALL!!!!!! And Bart from Xenogears.


  10. @Marzouq

    I am missing a lot of people but those are my favorite hunnies 😛


    Umm, have you checked the rest of the list? Most of them aren’t quite typical my friend. I mean who lists Aya as N.1.


    LOL maybe she used them as a buffer in her speeding techniques. Without them, I bet she’ll be too fast for her opponents to keep up.


    Hentai? Eww. I’m not sexually anime-charged pervert I hope you know 😛

    Hentai is like the worst thing ever happened to anime.


    I’d love to see your anime list TAT. I shall create my own very soon 😉


    I see Tifa’s hotness can even affect straight girls. Maybe I should have placed her No #1 then 😛


    Well, I’m glad it made you laugh Adorra. But I wonder what would think if it made you blush 😛


    OMG! I just googled her and she’s smoking hot. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner.


    Ahh you mean LuLu. I do indeed love her but I had to pick one female character per game series; otherwise, you’d see her on my list. Maybe, I should create my “10 ten FF girls” list:P

    Squall is an awesome dude and Bart was definitely one of my favorite characters in Xengears. I liked him more than Fei.


  11. Posted by dante1457 on May 23, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    what about Lady from DMC


  12. @Dante1457

    That’s another hot girl that I failed to mention her in my list. She’s quite a vixen.


  13. Posted by Unomi on June 8, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    About the EVA comment. Metal Gear Solid 3 doesn’t feature “Solid Snake”. That’s “Big Boss”, aka “Naked Snake” or “Snake Eater”. He’s the original Snake, the one that Solid Snake owes his genes to.


  14. @Unomi

    I know that but I didn’t want to spoil it out for those who still haven’t played the game. But, I’ll change it from Solid Snake to just Snake to ease the amount of confusion from newcomers.


  15. Posted by meysam on June 20, 2008 at 3:01 pm

    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa


  16. Posted by meysam on June 20, 2008 at 3:03 pm
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa
    I Love Tifa Plese Chat Me Tifa


  17. tifa is best………………………..^_^b

    tifa is best………………………..^_^b

    tifa is best………………………..^_^b


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