International Festival Roundup

Once a year, my university holds an International Festival where International students showcase interactive booths, free food, and neat dance shows. And just like always, Kuwait was represented in the festival. Unfortunately, we didn’t do anything different than last year; our freebies were badges, postcards, Kuwaiti flags, and posters. However, this year, our main dish was Murabyan (rice mixed with shrimps and onions) and it won the best International food award, which is awesome. One of the girls provided free Henna, and as always, girls flock to our booth to get their hand stylized. We also gave the opportunity for visitors to dress up in Kuwaiti traditional garment and have their picture taken and then sent to them via their e-mails.

Of course, I got the chance to stroll around for a bit and enjoy the festival. I sampled some food from other countries such as Mexico and South Korea, and wore the traditional Kimono in the Japanese booth and had my picture taken as well. Overall, I thought this year’s festival a little bit disappointing but nevertheless, I had good time especially catching up with students I had class with during the International Center days. I took couple of pictures with my shitty cellphone, and unfortunately, I cannot provide a direct picture of our booth in order to protect the identity of my friends.

Shitty Pictures

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  1. We had an International Food Festival too. It wasn’t as cool. Seeing as how there are only 2 Kuwaiti students (me being one of them) there was no Kuwaiti booth BUT there was a Saudi Arabian one.

    Ours was just food and dancing though. Small school, small ideas :-p Yours sounds awesome though.


  2. Some very good stuff, I used to cook Muchabees for these events, but after the first year I didn’t participate! I didn’t have enough time, I was too busy stuck in Engineering lab! lol


  3. really cool, why do i think cosplay would be better as a Japanese activity rather than a regular kimono lol. Good job though! 🙂


  4. @Adorra

    Aren’t there many Kuwaiti students in your state? Or were they lazy to do anything for the festival 😛


    That’s awesome Marzouq. I wanna try your cooking someday 🙂

    LOL yeah many people didn’t attend because they were stuck with projects and papers. The timing of the festival isn’t right…they should move it to the beginning of the semester.


    LOL, I actually told them they should preform the Haruhi dance and they liked the idea. Who knows, maybe they will preform it next year.


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