Review: Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

The first Harold and Kumar movie that was released four years ago was definitely one of my favorite buddy comedies of all time. The second sequel, albeit not as funny as the original, truly deserves attention even from those who didn’t watch the first one. The sequel picks up just hours after the last movie ended, right before they embark on a trip to Amsterdam to hook up with their sexy neighbor, Harold’s longtime crush. And from that point on, our heroes go through a series of mishaps and misfortunes that eventfully deviates them from their intentional plan, all of that in a genius comedic flair.

There’s absolutely no dull moment in Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. The plot is definitely thinner than White Castle but it almost maintains as much jokes and hilarious scenes as the first one. The movie also smartly examines the racial tensions that are engulfing the US nowadays in a hysterical atmosphere that doesn’t feel like a Sunday school special. The performance -in my opinion- is certainly better than the original; Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) characters are more flashed out and they turn to become deeper as the story progresses. The return of Neil Patrick Harris reprising himself is certainly welcoming and he provides a bigger aid to our heroes this time around. Unfortunately, the ending didn’t turn out to be as I expected; it was a little bit on the cliché side and I was really hoping for something that can knock me away, but at least, it serves its purpose.

Escape From Guantanamo Bay it’s not just a good sequel, but also a good movie, whether or not you’ve seen the first film. It packs a political punch, a well-acted performance, a hilarious plot, and a great amount of outrageous scenes that can give your grandmother a heart attack, and all of that in one package. A definite watch for the fans of the original Harold and Kumar.

The Bottom Line


5 responses to this post.

  1. I can’t wait for this damn funny movie! The style of these two nut cases keeps the laughs going! The original Harold and Kumar turned into a classic!


  2. I watched the trailer for this! The one where they go to white castle was amazing!! I can watch it repeatidly! Pot-Head movies are always good! 😛


  3. **repeatedly


  4. @Marzouq

    It definitely deserves the wait. I’m pretty sure it will suit your liking Marzouq.


    Spot on sunshine with the “pot heads” remark 🙂


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