No Machboos For You

I have mentioned before that I haven’t been to Kuwait or seen my family for more than a year and a half, so you can pretty much expect the reaction from my mother when she first saw me. Since our last meeting, I’ve lost a respectable amount of weight, which made her a little bit overprotective on what I eat because she doesn’t want me to become fat again. She has imposed a strict rice-free diet on the house, and all the food has to be grilled, steamed, or “ovened”. For the last week, I haven’t had a rice-cooked meal in my household, but I did have some when I visited my aunt and grandparent house.

However, the interesting part of all this is when I visit my grandparent house. My grandmother took a complete different reaction than my mom regarding my weight loss. She was all-generous, and committed in feeding me rice and lambs on every visit. She even sobbed a little when I told her what I usually eat in the states (subway for launch, cold cereal for dinner). Add the fact of my mother’s strict régime; she was all agitated and angry toward my mother for imposing such a lifestyle on me.

Although, I have to say, it’s very nice having women fighting all over you like that, even if they were your mother and your grandmother. Usually, I just silently sit in the middle of them and sip my sweet Turkish coffee as they exchange loud arguments on what should or shouldn’t I eat. I’ve gotta admit that women’s quarrels is so much fun to witness as they usually to tend to be constructively bi-polar; one is destined to shape me into becoming a model figure and the other wants to feed me until I bloat. Oh well, I guess beggars cannot be choosers.

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  1. Posted by Sushi on May 21, 2008 at 5:09 am

    lol dont worry. Whenever you run out of options, gimme a call. I’ll cook you rice. I’m pretty famous for my recipes =P


  2. Posted by Sushi on May 21, 2008 at 5:10 am

    But in return you supply video games, books & anime =D


  3. u lost weight + ur not allowed 2 eat ? i dont get it ?

    w do u want my mom ? no1s allowed 2 say ‘im not hungry mali khulg akel now’ in our house =P


  4. You’re back in Kuwait!


  5. mmmmm machboos! Omi ga3ed it7in 3alai to come back, she’s seducing me with our maids cooking. I can practically smell it over the phone! akh shino mishtahya marag bamya!


  6. which 1 do u want to be?


  7. welcome back : ) I think its awesome that your mom can overcome that maternal instinct to FEED and worry about the future health concerns of being overweight!


  8. […] keeping up with mom’s sudden régime in maintaining my weight (and losing more), she has also compiled a daily schedule for me to walk […]


  9. @Sushi

    Bas! Wallah ma6elabtay shay ya Sushi. I’ll gladly provide anything you request, free of charge of course. However, all the great stuff is back in the US for now but wait when I come back to Kuwait for sure and you shall rent or have anything you like 😛


    Because she doesn’t want me to regain all the weight I lost so she became quite restrictive on what I eat.


    YES! And due to my bad luck, you went back to the US at the time I came back to Kuwait. It seems we cannot be in the same country at the same time; otherwise, the universe would implode.


    Oh why don’t you come back? C’mon, it would be fun to read your thoughts and posts about Kuwait while being in Kuwait.


    Neither. I just want to be healthy. Of course, having a fit body isn’t bad too.


    LOL, expect the unexpected with my mom.


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