Observations In Mishref Walkway

In keeping up with mom’s sudden régime in maintaining my weight (and losing more), she has also compiled a daily schedule for me to walk in Mishref Walkway, which is something I genuinely and highly approve of. It isn’t my first time in this particular walkway but it sure has been a long time since I’ve ever stridden there. However, the social psychologist in me couldn’t help but to monitor the crowd that uses the walkway, and thus, I brought together some general observations that I summed up below:

  • Time doesn’t remain a major obstacle to the visitors, as the walkway is generously crowded on each different time of the day. There are a surprising number of people in the morning, which is something I didn’t expect. However, I couldn’t help but to notice that is commonly packed out on weekends. I predict as the weather gets hotter over time, more people will become nocturnal and walk in the evening.
  • The “social gene” that Kuwaitis possess is still robust and active among the inhabitants of the walkway. It is quite uncommon to find to two people walking together but not talking or socializing. The intensity of the exercise is irrelevant; I have found several joggers and runners exchanging small words while committing on their activity.
  • Women clad in abayas and burqas is a common sightseeing as well, and they even remain in increasing numbers than those who do not wear them. However, further investigation regarding the manner revealed that those women aren’t necessarily veiled, and they only cover themselves when walking. The reason behind such behavior is that some of them wished to be anonymous from people who might know them because some women tend to gossip on who is trying to lose weight, and these kind of talks lean to be unfavorable to the woman who is trying to lose weight.
  • Unlike the women, the men using the walkway are generally fit, and their true intention is to sustain their fitness instead of losing weight. However, those who walk in purpose of losing weight are usually accompanied by their friends, and those who walk or run alone are usually fitted. Behavioral Psychology might explain this behavior in that overweight men become less intimated when they are accompanied by friends and family and shelter them from unnecessary attention from others.
  • The walkway is mostly used by the citizens; although, few South Asian expats are found there in the purpose of striking a conversation with the maids who accompany the children in the playground. Westerns expats generally use the walkway from early morning to late afternoon. Further investigation revealed that the expats usually prefer walking in the outside walkway of The Palms and the Scientific Center in Salmiya.
  • Other forms of walking aren’t commonly observed but exist; the females usually perform power walking while the males favor jogging and running instead.
  • Very few people remain hydrated while active but there are several large water fountains that are suitable for drinking along the walkway.
  • The walkway is 5 kilometers long (which is 10 kilometers upon walking back and forth once). However, most people usually walk between 6 or 7 kilometers. That is, walking for 3 or 3.5 kilometers once and repeats it while heading back.
  • Surprisingly, flirting (or harassing) among the walkers is either rare or nonexistent. There is a general amount of respect among the walkers.

And that concludes my observations. I might update the post upon further observations as I continue visiting the walkway. I’m also interesting in visiting other walkways in the country and conduct my observations and investigate the consistencies.

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  1. women cover themselves to stay anonymous!!!! boy thas sad if it was true!!!


  2. i love walking on mishref , i used to live there b4 i got married and it was someithing i do daily for more than five years

    but i know i feel lazy to take my car and go there , am living in Rehab an area a gil can`t walk alone 🙂


  3. Interesting; observing people is always a great way to waste/kill/utilise time.

    I wonder what another observer looking at you might think. Hmm.


  4. Posted by Sushi on May 23, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    I dont agree with the last part. Everyone I know who walks in these “walkways” had at least once encountered a harrassing scene, especially the ones that overlook highways. You can’t imagine how many stories I heard about women getting attacked.

    I was walking with a relative of mine last winter and we had idiots verbally harrassing us. I was about to take my shoe off and throw it at them.


  5. Harrassing is a regular occasion im afraid ;(
    there are annoying teenagers everytime i go !


    hate them!


  6. I’ve driven past the place about eight months ago. It was appealing, frankly. Maybe one day I will go there again and see the specimens first hand.


  7. What surprised me the most was the veiled/abaya issue about women wanting to be anonymous.. hmm never thought that would exist but it makes sense!


  8. hmm so what time do you suggest for people to go there?


  9. Some very interesting observations, very well done! You hit right on the dot for a few of them! hehehe! It is one of the nicest walkways in Kuwait in my opinion!


  10. Posted by Disturbed Stranger on May 27, 2008 at 4:09 am

    One of my observations, and I promise you I did not make it up… A rather obese, middle-aged man sauntering while engulfing a cheeseburger… yes, I noticed it was a “cheese”burger from the melted remains on his grey shirt. That was a nasty sight.


  11. @Blasha

    Well, if it helps, it’s not a common behavior but it does exist.


    OMG! I used to live in Rehab before we moved in to South Surra. Yeah, that area definitely doesn’t encourage walking outside alone.


    He will probably think I’m just wasting/killing/utilizing my time by observing people while walking…


    Really? Then I might have talked too soon. Or maybe I need to go there late in the evening to witness such behavior. But seriously, bravo on throwing your shoe at them, those jerks had it coming.

    @Delicately Realitsic

    Yeah, apparently, harassing is a come hassle after all. I hate them even though I am a guy. Those kind of people need to be vanished.

    @Ruby Redux

    LOL, I’m glad one person caught up with the tone of the post. I awaiting your analysis and constrictive data.


    I was surprised too but I guess odd behaviors exist everywhere.


    Between 5PM and 7PM. It’s quite perfect. It will give you the time to head back home, shower, and meet your friends and hangout,


    I second you Marzouq. I really love going there.

    @Disturbed Stranger

    LOL, I’m not really surprised, considering Burger King is right next to the walkway.


  12. There was a walking group in Kuwait. I don’t have the link now but it looked like fun


  13. Encumber says : I absolutely agree with this !


  14. Check this out Angelo


  15. @Jewaira

    Oh, I don’t know why I didn’t see your comment there.

    Actually, I knew about this group since the day you talked about it in your blog, and I have added it in my blogroll for quite some time now. I’m actually thinking about joining them, but not until I return to Kuwait for good.

    I really appreciate your concerns and maybe the trouble you had in finding their URL 🙂


  16. Good observations, although seeing a abaya or burqa while running would cut the performance of my engine down 50%.


  17. @M.


    And I bet those flirtatious men would change that percentage drastically…for the worse.


  18. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Nosegay


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