My 6 Quirks

I know you already sick and tired from reading this tag all around the blogosphere, but I cannot turn down a tag request from a friend (thanks for mentioning me, G). So, without further ado, I present you my six quirks that are bound to make you think less of me:

  • I’ve been called the “Human Octopus” because I tend to move my hands a lot when I talk or passionately express my views. So take caution whenever you see yourself standing next to me, you might lose an eye.

  • My iTunes is proudly the most organized iTunes among my friends and family. I cannot sleep knowing that I don’t have the right track number, the right year, or the right album cover for a song that I recently downloaded or burned. Seriously, I can’t.

  • Despite being an adult, I still play Pokemon. I cannot damn help it. Every time I say to myself I’m going to quit, I found myself attracted to it like a moth to a flame. Although, I’ve stopped watching the cartoons and collecting the trading cards years ago. And yes, I’ve wasted more than 180 hours playing this game in order to catch, breed, and train my Pokemon into shape. I’ve to say, beating the crap out of 13 year old boys is incredibly satisfying, especially in a game they have mastered.

  • In 4th grade, I joined the Kuwait Boy Scouts Association, and thanks to that I got to shake hands and have a little talk with President George Bush senior when he visited Kuwait in 1994. I told him “Mr. Bush, can you take me to Disney Land so I can meet Mickey Mouse?”

  • I drink green tea twice a day.

  • I am extremely high maintenance when it comes to body odor to the extent that I take a shower before going to the gym. I also must make sure that the furthest person in the room can smell my cologne. Chewing gum or popping a breath mint is second nature to me.

I’m not going to tag anyone at all because I don’t want to become “that guy who forced me to write a post that I don’t feel like writing about”. But if you are on my blogroll, feel free to tag yourself.

14 responses to this post.

  1. Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Disney land!! hehehehe


  2. LOL.. That is FUNNY! Gosh, aren’t we screwed up big time!!


  3. Mmmm green tea…. I’m gonna go make me some 😀


  4. I have to say this is the most neatly done ‘quirk ‘tag !

    Roflmao on the disney thing ! Poor Bush Sr !


  5. My iTunes is organized but that’s just to make it easy for me to find the stuff I want.


  6. Posted by greyshorts on June 3, 2008 at 5:35 am

    allaaah waaanasah 7elo tagek fee 9wer o halswalef


  7. i think i have some competition…i’m well known as the person with the most organized media library! 😛


  8. I think green tea makes one feel so good inside. So good for you.

    I also appreciate your personal hygiene routine. Mmm nothing like the scent of a clean person ; and I also take a shower before going to the gym.


  9. *dying laughing* I bet this is just the tip of the iceburg!


  10. So your iTunes just has to be organized!


  11. […] I go on with my quirks, I would like to say that I loved how Angelo did that tag, with images & everything, Good […]


  12. u have the most interesting Quirks
    and the 4th one made me laugh soo much


  13. I’m the same with iTunes and Pokemon. I got back to Pokemon just recently with the DS, i finished other parts on Game Boy and Game Boy Color, but then stopped. I thought that by now Pokemon is long dead, but i found the anime series is still alive and the game is still alive, which was fun. But i couldn’t get the series, too many episodes and no one is offering.


  14. @Vixen

    Disney Land rocks!


    LOL, we sure are. I wonder what made us be like that?

    *goes and reads more Psychology books*


    Yeah, make sure you do that. It’s quite healthy for you 🙂


    Thanks dude. Yeah, posting pictures is pretty much a quirk by itself.


    Don’t make excuses 3baid, we Apple users are always high maintenance and organization freaks 😛


    Glad you liked them ^_^


    High five dude 😉


    It’s certainly is. The fact it burns fat and rejuvenate the skin is hard to pass by.


    Let’s just say, it’s a good thing it’s a six quirks tag, not 60.


    Yup, otherwise, I won’t function well.

    @Um BB

    That’s certainly nice to hear. And welcome to my humble blog. Don’t be a stranger now.


    I gave up on the anime cuz it’s still stuck in its boring formula. It used to be funny but now, it reminds me of Sunday school special.

    BTW, a new Pokemon has been announced called Pokemon Platinum. Unfortunately, it’s only an updated Diamond and Pearl version, but I’m still gonna buy it on day on 😛


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