The Orgasmic Persona 4 Opening Cinematic

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s very funny (and odd too) that a video that has zero sexual preferences can send a shiver down my spine just by gawking at it. It’s the same sensation when Star Trek geeks meet William Shatner in person, or when bitter Republicans crave to have sadistic sex with Ann Coulter. It’s disgusting, but it feels darn good. Oh Atlus, why you are so good to me?

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  1. I likey, but it ain’t send no shiver down me spine : P


  2. That is one hell of a cool anime start, which is this? Its damn cool?


  3. Did you watch the anime version of the game? I got to episode 6 then stopped, it’s just not going anywhere, they try to shove some meaning into it and it shows, it’s something like .hack//SIGN with a little bit more effort.

    On another topic, don’t you think there are just too many English words in too many Japanese songs these days? It’s starting to get on my nerves. Remember my Anime Americanization post? This is exactly what I’m talking about! Years from now anime won’t be anime anymore, and Japanese songs won’t be Japanese anymore.


  4. @Vixen

    To each has his own “trigger: if you know what I mean 😛


    It’s an RPG game for the PS2 named Persona 4. However, there’s an anime based on the game called Persona ~Trinity Soul~.


    I still haven’t watched the anime cuz I’m waiting to be released on DVD, officially. I kinda liked .hack//SIGN and I think it was slightly better than .hack//Roots.

    Yeah, I finally understood what you meant from that post, sorry if I was a jerk when I made my comment, I thought you were one of those who blindly hates dubs 😛

    Yes, I have seen the trends you speak of, and I guess that’s what the Japanese want these days. I mean, the trailer above is coming directly from Japan; Atlus of America haven’t laid a hand on it one bit.

    Have faith, your anime still won’t go away or change drastically…I hope.


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