Death & Beauty In The Eyes Of The Photographer

The following paragraph and photo was submitted by a photographer named Enrique Metinides from I should warn you that the picture is a little bit explicit, so read and gawk at your own risk:

This picture was taken on Avenida Chapultepec and Calle de Monterrey in Colonia Roma. She was a very famous journalist who wrote some really good books. That day she had a book-release party and was on her way there. She was all made up, going to pick up her sister to go to the event. Crossing the street, two cars crashed and then ran her over. This picture is great because she has all her makeup on and she just doesn’t look dead even though she is.

It is a beautiful and moving photograph, but I’m not sure about that last point: isn’t that a severed lump of mangled, bloody flesh in the right hand corner? Oh wait! It is indeed a freaking human being. You might want to know that the author removed the comment later on upon receiving complaints from the readers.


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  1. Whats interesting about this photograph (all sensitivity aside) is that it DOES look like a regular photoshoot. If you were to watch America’s Next Top Model and to see this picture for one of the photo shoots that the girls would have to do, you wouldn’t flinch (or at least I wouldn’t). I’m not saying it doesn’t look graphic, because it does, all I’m saying is that he does have a point. For someone who just died, she just looks like a model with a blank face pretending to be dead for a picture.

    I really like it 😦


  2. This is one of the most powerful photographs I have ever seen. What’s amazing is that photojournalists don’t usually get such photographs of bodies. What’s even more amazing is that there is so much life in it. 😐 Wow.


  3. Regardless of aesthetics, a dead person is a dead person.. there is no admiration in that. We might disagree when watching movies, for example that famous scene in Hero at the end.


  4. Posted by Sushi on June 3, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    That’s the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. There is no aesthetic here whatsoever and I wish you linked that picture =/


  5. Very tragic


  6. Posted by q8ya on June 4, 2008 at 1:38 am

    that was so disturbing…….


  7. I think he meant that she looked so beautiful you couldn’t believe she was dead*

    I’ve seen a couple of more of these springing up recently, I think the stigma associated with death is what gets most people hooked on them.

    *At least I hope he did


  8. Posted by Disturbed Stranger on June 4, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    Beautiful… sadly beautiful…


  9. Death and the dead deserve respect. Even if she is famous, she shouldn’t be exploited, nor her death for quick bucks.

    Her corpse is a story not to be told to everybody, but maybe Allah wants the people who’ve seen it or been there to learn something from it or take something away with them from the experience.

    What did you learn from it?


  10. I don’t like my previous display picture here and therefore, I tag you.


  11. Now that is a disturbingly unique picture.. it takes a unique eye to take that picture!


  12. Poor lady… she doesn’t look dead at all,, just stuck.. >_<


  13. ouch :/


  14. Posted by Sushi on June 5, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    @ Vixen, HER BLOODY ORGANS ARE OUT on the right. Can’t you see them? I had nightmares because of this picture!


  15. I was actually referring to her face. I am sorry it gave you nightmares, hope you feel better.


  16. Angelo!!!!! Did you hear the album???????? n______________n!!!


  17. Once you accept the fact that you will die, you stop to see death as something bad, the moment i felt death so much was when i was watching Death Note, really, it just hits you with it, “you will die.”


  18. Outch…
    really sad..
    at first i didn’t realize she was dead for real, i thought it was a photo shoot :s


  19. Posted by ladywhisper on June 8, 2008 at 2:36 am

    Harsh… but remarkable photograph..


  20. @Adorra

    I cannot agree more, but I think there’s a nice way to “word it” in a sincere way rather than blatantly state the obvious.


    It’s definitely a powerful photo for sure. I think she would look more gorgeous if she were alive.


    I know the scene you are talking about but unfortunately, the video has been removed. Grrr…


    I would have done that but the website was blocked. I had to fetch the picture by using an IP anonymous server. I’m sorry that it gave you nightmares. That’s the last thing I wanna do to you x_x


    Indeed. It sure makes us appreciate life more.


    I’m sorry if it was too much to handle…


    I’m with you, but I bet there’s a better way to word it or gradually present his point of view instead of stating it like that.


    What did I learn from it? Hmmmm…

    That I should appreciate my life more and make everyday worth and just exploit it as much as I can.


    Yes, his photography skill is definitely outstanding. Although, I cannot say the same to his comprehension skills.


    She sure breaks your heart doesn’t she 😦

    You mean Viva La Vide? The album is set to be released on June 12th right? The only song I have and listened to is the album song, Viva La Vida.


    More like “OH MY GAWD”!

    @The M Code

    I like your analogy with Death Note, it does make sense to me now. Man, that anime sure made an impact to us in many levels huh 😛


    I wish it were…


    No matter what the photography has said, my admiration of his skills still wouldn’t cease. Very remarkable indeed.


  21. Posted by pompidou on June 13, 2008 at 6:07 am

    Wow. At first I thought this was a fashion ad, and that the man behind the woman was going to touch her up before the photo shoot. Very powerful picture…


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