What Stress Can Do To You?

Stress can take it’s toll on you, although granted, it varies from person to person. Take this gentleman for instance who went from happy and fresh-faced to weary and shriveled in a span of in three years, if these photos are to be believed that is. The price paid for the life of a news anchor seems high indeed. And here I am, thinking that with its endless supply of anime, manga, and videogames, Japan would be stress-free.

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  1. Yeah, I saw that. Hasn’t it been said that Japan has the highest suicide rate? :/


  2. Posted by Sushi on June 3, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    Putting all that aside I just love watching Japanese news!!! I made daddy put a Japanese channel for us at home and every day I sit with my cereal bowl and watch the re-runs of daily news. The weather forecast is my favorite of all! They have a way with colors, cute little clouds running across the screen and little thunders. They talk for hours analysing glasses filled with water, paint pots and decorate a garden. I have no friggin idea what they’re saying but it’s really fun watching it!

    I can’t wait to finish all my projects and obligations so that I can finally continue my Jap courses.


  3. Oh! That can’t be the same person!


  4. Posted by Sushi on June 4, 2008 at 4:00 am

    I was watching the pictures closely… he’s the same tara. He just lost maybe 1 or 2 kilos but the earlier pictures were dimmed. He had the same amount of wrinkles on his face that he did a couple of years ago and the hair looks like dye btw =)


  5. That’s terrible. Three years? I don’t know what to say but I’ve seen it happen before. Watch presidents before and after and you will see something similar.

    This is scary though.

    AND these are the people who encourage relaxation and green tea.


  6. I think the Japanese are the most stressed society on the planet, constantly under pressure, and high suicide rate. Anime and Manga are a way to exit reality for them, a venue to let things go..


  7. […] This (what stress does to you) is looking all too familiar. […]


  8. Posted by Nan on June 4, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    I think he’s just trying out a new look. :p


  9. Posted by Moodz4Modernz on June 4, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    Try doing a montage of American presidents from inaugural day to the last day. See what you find. Abraham Lincoln is the classic example of how stress can age you over time.


  10. Are you sure it was stress, not photo shop? I mean, this is scary! I feel like quiting my job.


  11. Nah impossible Angelo, hair maybe, but skin? Skin cells die as time passes, they get old and die, stress has nothing to do with it.

    “As skin ages, it becomes thinner and more easily damaged. Intensifying this effect is the decreasing ability of skin to heal itself as a person ages.”

    This is a one side joke, meaning the reporter didn’t ask for it but someone took his photographs and played with them using a Photoshop technique called aging, like this:

    If you have a Japanese friend, ask him/her who this reporter is, then search his name on the internet, see his pictures.


  12. @3baid

    Yup, I heard about that. And the sad thing is that a large percentage of the victims are students.


    Wow, that is so cool. I’m gonna talk with my dad and see if he can put one for us. Japanese shows in general are fun to watch and very hilarious. Their hidden camera shows are probably the most original and outrageous shows I’ve ever seen.


    Yeah, he sure looked different.


    YES YES! My Psychology professor showed us a slideshow of the President when I took the Social Psychology class. It was kinda cool and creepy at the same time.


    Wow, I’ve never looked at it from that perspective Marzouq. It sure hell makes lotta sense to me now.


    Yup, a new look to “die for” 😛


    YES! Abraham Lincoln was one of the presidents my Psych professor talked about when I took the Social Psych class. Very surreal!

    @My K

    Probably. According to M Code, that is a huge possibility.


    WOW :O

    Kate Holmes sure looked different if she reached that age.

    Yes, I didn’t rule the possibility that the photo was faked and manipulated, but whoever done that sure fooled me. You have a great eye on telling which is fake and which is original 🙂


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