Dirty Pop!

I was rummaging around and looking through my drawers and cupboards for an old book I wanted to re-read for the good old times, but what I got was a nasty surprise: my old cassette collection of Pop music of the 90s. As I was gaping into them, I remembered my teenage years of raging hormones, weird haircuts, zebra jeans, and having bad taste in music. I recalled my affection days with Britney on how I used to memorize every single song she murmured, and always choosing her side in Britney Vs. Christina showdowns. I recalled my admiration to boys band and my desires to look like them. I recalled the days I sat on my bed with a pen and a paper in hand as I wrote down the lyrics and translating their meanings. I recalled the days I used to listen to 99.7 on the radio and tuning in to every music show on every channel in Arabsat.

I recalled being a teenage boy.

Now, as I look through my current CD collection, I believed I matured and developed a much more sophisticated taste in music. Not just in music but probably in everything. I started to watch and appreciate independent and experimental movies than your average blockbuster. I started to listen to instrumental soundtracks and classics. I started to read books and novels for my own pleasure. I started to observe the globe and understand the dirty world of politics. I started to enjoy in engaging in meaningful conversations and debates.

I started to become an adult.

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  1. Being abroad has a lot to do with that change, had you been still here, I don’t think the effect would be as such.


  2. Posted by Sushi on June 8, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    I remember those days =)


  3. Ahhhh the good ol’ days of boybands…. um… who did you use to defend in the BSB vs Nsync battle ;p?


  4. When people I knew started listening to music, (whether pop, rap, rnb, or rock) I thought it was overrated. :/

    “3baid, don’t you listen to music?”

    “I do, but not because I want to, it’s because it’s what’s out there” :/

    It was pretty funny watching 14-year-old girls sing, “my loneliness is killing me…”

    Loneliness? You? Oh please! XD

    Now I look back and feel good that I didn’t take those things seriously 😛


  5. I’m a 80’s Kid.. i grew up with Aha, duran duran, pet shop boys, culture club, madonna to name a few.. but looking back i dont feel ashamed ….
    As for Britney she is immensley talented , its bad that her personal life sucked ( which is none of my business) .. I’ve never been a Britney fan .. but recently i bought her Blackout album, and its good music, absolutely good music and thats all it matters, Dont go for what others say , if you liked something when you were a kid , cherish it , im sure 10 years from now, when the radio plays ‘ oops i did it again’ .. you will sing along just like i do.

    You didnt expect this to come from me, did you?


  6. This growing up thing – I’m still working on it!


  7. Even if I did, I would never admit to it! hahaha! Now thats some old school tapes, I already threw mine out almost 8 years ago now!


  8. heheheh wow!!! i had those too : P *says hi to teenage Angelo*


  9. lol was always into mp3’s and just borrow and burn, the only CD I baught was mariah carey honey. My sister still has those albums though. during those days I was just into No limit master P and the gang. and btw Christina over britney 😛


  10. I must admit…i have a few of those ;> lol


  11. @N.

    Hmmm, that’s a huge possibility. I think matured during the last 4 years than any time in my life.


    They were great days at some level.


    N’SYCN, all the way 🙂


    Kudos 3baid on making smart decisions and not going mainstream all the way, just like the rest of us 😉


    Nahh, teenage years are pretty much missed up. I always expect the unexpected when it comes to that, but I’ve to say, you have a pretty “radical” taste in music.


    LOL, I think you are more mature than you think you are 🙂


    LOL, well we all have been there. I am who I am, or in this case, I was who I was 😛


    Oh, you don’t want to meet the teenage Angelo. He was excessively shy, incredibly nerdy, tremendously fat, and used to have a bad taste in fashion.


    Christina is sooooo better than Britteny nowadays. I mean have you listened to “Back To Basics”. Very good album.

    @Delicately Realitsic

    No surprise there, considering we are at the same age, so we pretty much were affected at the same level 🙂


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