The Top 10 Coolest Items In Videogames

Videogames are cool, and nobody can deny that. But, what are considered much cooler are the wild imaginations and innovations that some videogame developers possess in creating unique inventory roster in our most beloved gaming series. Thus, I complied a list of what I consider, the coolest items in videogames. Now, bare in mind, these are items NOT weapons, so don’t replay back on why the hell I didn’t include the Gravity Gun that was founded in Half-Life 2. Now, relax, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite brand of whiskey, and enjoy the list along with tongue-in-cheek commentary.

10. Bubble Shield – Halo 3

Sure, I might not be your biggest Halo fan but I do appreciate creativity in good games with good guns, but in this case, good devices. This nifty item will provide great protection to the projector and protects him/her against bullets, explosions, lasers, plasma, and flames. Unfortunately, any person can walk freely in and kill you inside, but if such items ever existed in real life, people caught up in wars can shelter themselves as they cross the battlefield for safety. But as long mankind prefers exploiting its resources in nuclear weapons, such items cease only to exist in our imaginations.

9. Evoker – Persona 3

At first glance, Evoker might seem your average everyday gun, but looking deeper into its main function certainly makes it one of the coolest items created for an RPG. The Evoker is a special handgun that does not cause physical harm when fired in the head; instead, it causes emotional stress in order to summon forth a Persona that has unique characteristics based on the individual. Who knew shooting yourself in the head could be so cool!

8. First Aid Spray – Resident Evil Series

Got bitten by a Zombie? Pecked to death by angry crows? Torn apart by wild dogs? Almost sliced in half by a Spaniard wilding-chainsaw? Fear not, because consuming one bottle of this first aid spray will cure all your wounds, cuts, and bruises, just like magic. Unfortunately, even though the spray does have the potential to heal you from giant mutated shark bites, it doesn’t do a thing when you are suffering from poison bites from tiny snakes. Oh, what a cruel world we live in.

7. Codec – Metal Gear Solid Series

Even a loner solider such as the legendary Solid Snake enjoys engaging in conversations or two. With this codec, Snake is able to keep in contact with his team or the people he met in his mission, and inadvertently, uncover tons of secrets and hidden psyches that some of those people come to expose when talking to Snake. The coolest thing is that the Codec is very tiny and placed inside the ear, so outsiders wouldn’t notice it or even hear it, very handy during boring lectures. Although, you might get some unexpected calls from people telling you how to climb a ladder. Joy!

6. Starman – Super Mario Brothers.

People might argue that a 1-Up Mushroom is way much cooler than a tiny star with dilated eyes, but I humbly disagree. You see, not only Starman grants its owner a complete protection from any harm, but it also provides the most near-drug experience with its weird, constantly-changing colors and joyful jingle. This elusive item has always captivated our childhood memories and unconsciously progressed to our adult mind in a form of cellphone ringtone, but with zero invulnerability of course.

5- Camera Obsecura – Fatal Frame Series

Digital camera is so overrated, camera obsecura for the win baby! This Japanese-made camera is quite handy if you live in a hunted house where angry ghosts roam unreservedly, and seem to have a knack on following you around to chock you to death. It is also completely upgradeable as long you have a wealthy supply of spirit stones and spirit points to exchange back. In order to exorcist the evil spirits, all you have to do is to stand patiently as they move close in a face-to-face contact range and then shutter. See, very easy and not so stomach-churning experience at all, is it?

4. Ocarina of Time – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask

Leave it to Nintendo to turn a mundane item into one of the most imaginative and mystical items ever created. This ocarina that is considered the most sacred treasure of Hyrule Royal Family that grants its user so many privileges. For starter, it will enable you to teleport anywhere you like (as long you play the right tune that is) and the ability to open the most sacred doors in all of Hyrule. However, what makes it the coolest musical instrument in a videogame ever is that it can slow and speed up time, and when the right melody is played, it can even take you back in time, roughly by 3 days. Very handy indeed!

3. Pokeball – Pokemon Series

Move over the Pikachu, the Pokeball is the most iconic representation on what makes Pokemon the cool game that only the cool kids play with. Smaller than a finger, able to contain creatures larger than a bus, Pokeballs are easy to sneak into a fight and hard to defend against. Sure, The whole thing smells of slavery, or at least kidnapping in real life: Let’s beat an animal until it can’t struggle anymore, and then stuff it in a ball! However, if that what it takes to become a Pokemon Master, then hell with morality and ethics, I’m going to catch as many Pokemon as I can and then pimping them with each other, and train them hard until they faint.

2. Celestial Brush – Okami

Okami gamers might argue that the Celestial Brush is Amaterasu’s main weapon, but from what I see it, it has numerous functions that strip it from a mere weapon title. This fabulous brush can be used to draw a sun, rejuvenate wilted plants, build bridges, slash foes, and even create bombs, and all it takes is simple strokes and loops. Your imagination would certainly go wild if this item ever existed in real life, but then again, who knows what a measly human would do with that kind of power? I guess it makes more sense that such item has to be wielded by a God.

1. Phoenix Down – Final Fantasy Series

I cannot tell you how many times I used this item over and over. It’s certainly the most useful and also the coolest item ever created. The item is supposed to be the feather of a Phoenix, a common symbol of life and rebirth; you can use it to revive an unconscious party member or kill an undead foe (i.e. a Zombie) with a single hit. Such item will certainly be valuable in real life as you can help hordes of people with pure doses of Phoenix Down. Again, just as I stated before, this item is used to revive the unconscious, not the dead, so it makes total sense on why Cloud and his gang didn’t use it to resurrect Aerith in Final Fantasy VII when she was killed by Sephiroth.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Number 10 is for me! hehehe


  2. Ocarina and Codec are the bestest! :]


  3. Posted by Sushi on June 8, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    I want all the Yoshi eggs in Yoshi’s Island. I also want Yoshi and the cute little eggs following him. He would make an excellent pet and bodyguard.


  4. lol what about materia?


  5. @Marzouq

    Of course it is 😛


    Yes, the ability to communicate any time and control time is definitely a must for a busy person for you 3baid. They’d sure make your life a hell lot easier.


    Interesting but be careful not to get inhaled by one of them. They might turn you into an egg. Just make sure to pet them nicely so they would be comfortable with your riding on them 🙂


    Materia is considered a weapon on so many levels than your regular item, thus, I didn’t include it in my list.


  6. […] This is a list about items and not weapons, so don’t be expecting to find Doom’s BFG or Quake’s nailgun here. The list does favour Japanese and modern games but has the Halo 3 Bubble Shield at 10 and does make for a good read. […]


  7. Posted by Christian on April 21, 2010 at 4:19 pm



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