Twitter Addict!!

Thanks to Snookie, I’ve been easily convinced to join Twitter and put down a profile of my own. I was surprised to find some of the bloggers I know there and already started to follow them. Feel free to follow me as well if you feel like doing so. Now, the big question is, when this fad will start to fade away from my life?

My Profile

7 responses to this post.

  1. It will take you away from your life in the next 24 hours lol. Trust me it’s addictive!


  2. i dont even know wat it is!


  3. Hmmm… Facebook is too much to deal with, not there’s Twitter? Oh my my… I shall boycott it 🙂

    PS I think I commented on the characters in the theatre in the wrong place. I was confused… How does that get edited out?


  4. […] blogger Angelo is now a self-confessed Twitter addict. Posted by Amira Al Hussaini Share […]


  5. plurk , twitter, fb , hi5 ..* yawn* orkut rules


  6. I don’t think I will get on it anytime soon.. its just


  7. @Jacqui

    I know!! I cannot function well without using it at least a day.


    It’s a micro-blogging service that allows you to update your current status and send text-messages to your friends as much as you want. It’s quite fun and lets you keep in touch with all your friends.


    Unfortunately, you cannot edit your comment but I’ve deleted your misplaced comment and kept the one that was intended for that post.

    It’s not like Facebook exactly, but it is as addictive.


    Orkut? I should try to avoid it as much as possible. Too much social networking already.


    Oh C’mon, everybody has it. Me, 3baid, Jacqui, Ananayh…join the gang 🙂


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