Big Brother’s Family Graduation Party

Yesterday, we had a big family gathering at my uncle’s house to commemorate my big brother’s graduation upon completing his Masters, and to celebrate his 27th birthday, which happens to be today. We had an outstanding food buffet that served almost anything. My eyes certainly were bigger than my stomach since I stuffed my plate with too much food that I wouldn’t normally have at all.

The best part in whole thing is when we have created a small graduation ceremony of our own. All the younger folks in our family and relative circle who are still in school (including myself) have received an honorary stand with an appreciation degree. My uncle who is happened to be a doctor in KU took the role of the “Dean” and was the one who “honored” us with the degrees.

And finally we had tons of dessert including a mouth watering Kanafah. It was hot and sweet, just the way I like it. By the time I came back home, I was completely drained out. It was really a long but fun day.

11 responses to this post.

  1. Oh.. The Konafah Looks a-mazing *drools* .. Sounds like a fun family gathering .. 🙂 I envy you ..Wanna trade lives?


  2. Bil barakah!!! 3alaik bil 3afyah!


  3. Posted by Sushi on June 22, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    Wow!!! Mabroook mashallah!! il fal lik enshallah =)


  4. mabrooooooooook ^_^o 3ogbalik inshalla


  5. alf mabroook 🙂


  6. wanasaaa

    sounds 7ada fun

    mabrook 2 ur bro

    oo 3o2balik


  7. Posted by Sarah on June 22, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    congrats to your brother 🙂
    and damn that kanafa looks delicious


  8. Posted by jewaira on June 22, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    Mabrook …it is always nice to celebrate happy occasions


  9. woooow wanasaaaa 🙂 bl barakaa a7eb el gatherings


  10. alf mabroooook 😀 … he got a masters in shino?


  11. @Ope

    Oh believe me, you REALLY don’t want to trade life or family with me. I hate to say this but my family and relatives are quite dysfunctional, and my life isn’t that glamorous. Sometimes, it sucks, so very bad.


    Allah yebarek feek wa ye3afeek Marzouq. Thank you 🙂


    Allah yebareek feech Sushi. Allah yesma3 menich


    Allah yebareek feech. Inshallah ya rab.


    Allah yebareek feech. Thank you so much.


    Allah yebareek feech wa ham mabrook on your own success. Yes, it was really fun and I had a good time.


    Thank you Sarah. The Kanafah sure was delicious.


    Allah yebareek feech.


    Allah yebareek feech. I love gathering as well especially when you are accompanied with family 🙂


    Allah yebareek feek, ma8a9art.

    Ahh yes, he got his Masters in Management and Administration. Just like any Kuwaiti out there, he loves office jobs 😀


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