Back In Blog Town

Pardon the brief absence, but it seems I was distracted in other amusements other than jotting down posts and creating comments. Fear not though, I was shrewdly keeping up with your blog updates and other write-ups. I used this summer vacation seemingly in reading the recent books I purchased and replaying classic games from the PS1 and SNES era. I also joined the gym and resumed working out and exercising; although this isn’t my first time in a gym but it is my first in Kuwait, so you can marvel and wonder on the amount of observations I had there.

Now, it is the perfect time to wipe out the sad frown from your face and extend your arms to embrace my return. I have missed you, you crazy bastards…


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  1. welcome back


  2. 🙂


  3. Posted by Sushi on July 12, 2008 at 4:37 am

    Glad you’re enjoying it =)


  4. So what are you reading now? When do you head back for school, or are you totally finished now?


  5. I know the feeling of just wanting to Zone out and play video games! That would awesome! hehehe


  6. @Eshda3wa

    Thank you, it’s nice to be back ^_^




    Yes, everything has turned to be great and the daily pacing is slow, meaning I can do a bunch of things without feeling any guilt.


    The House at Midnight

    – I’ll back to the US at 8/19 and school should starts at the 25th of August.

    – Nope, just one year and I’m all done.


    I know and that’s the reason I extended my vacation (I was supposed to have a summer session this year) but I was like it’s just one course, I’ll take it next Spring. It’s been fun, and getting all caught up with games I previously played is really pleasant. I’m loving the sense of nostalgia.


  7. Every time i came here i saw the Wallflower post still there, depressing, now I don’t think i would buy that book.


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