How Sweet It Is: iPod Touch Applications

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Since I downloaded the latest iTunes version (7.7) yesterday morning and purchased the newest firmware (2.0) for my iPod Touch, I’ve been quite a frequent visitor to the iTunes Store, searching for neat and new applications to add to my iPod Touch. Thankfully, I have a US-based Apple account, so I was able to net some nifty applications that aren’t normally available in the “Kuwaiti branch” of the iTunes store. I was tempted to download much more than the ones that are shown above, but I decided not to rush things out and cram my iPod with useless applications.

So far, I think I’m in love, and quite impressed by the intuitive interface. Although, I’ve to say that Apple should keep an eye out on some stupid worthless Apps that are just a waste of space and human intelligence (I mean, have you checked out the “Hold On!” application?) *Barf*

P.S. All the applications I downloaded so far are free. Yup, it turned out I am a cheap person after all…Wait! What?

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  1. Me too, I got the free stuff. Did you try Remote? It is excellent. The best app among the free stuff.


  2. The free stuff is always the best, and good for you, I still haven’t updated my iPod Touch but then again I might be getting the iPhone so it would be a waste of that 10$ 😛


  3. Really interesting, I just recently jailbreaked my iPod Touch I’m wondering if the new applications are worth it to go back to it. The choice of applications like that are excellent. I just hope they don’t charge too much for no reason, it will turn people off. Let us know how they go.


  4. @Don Veto

    I completely forgot about and just installed it actually. It’s very intuitive and practical. Thanks for the reminder buddy 😉


    Yalla, go and get it. I’ll be waiting for your review 3ala 2a7er men el jamer 🙂


    Ahhh, that’s quite a dilemma. My cousin actually jailbreaked his iPod as well. I say, wait a while until you find an App that you absolutely must own (like an Anime Tracker or something).

    Sure, I’m thinking of writing short reviews of the Apps I own whether they were free or priced.


  5. yeah, apple has always been a leader in graphics, i download some ipod games yesterday, especially the new game by square enix.


  6. Posted by Red_Shamos on July 25, 2008 at 2:09 am

    hey everybody! can i borrow your apple account?
    i’m from the philippines and i cant get thru the itunes store because it’s not availbale here.

    i just want to get the free applications for my ipod.
    if you’ll let me use your account, please email me at or catch me at my ym account at : red_shamos


  7. Posted by Josh on June 14, 2009 at 9:43 am

    Yo bros, srsly, if u have a jailbroke ipod, go to cydia, manage sources, add this source and then download installous. Installous lets you get any ipod app for free. Its sick, and you can get dtunes, which lets u download free msuci and videos straight to ur ipod (but i think its down right now)


  8. Exceptional post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.
    Bless you!


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