A Dreadful E3 2008

How to sum up the most awaited gaming convention that almost every gamer in the world was waiting for since July of last year?

It. Sucked. Major. Ass

  • Microsoft’s conference was flashy and hip just like last year, but it didn’t have as many surprises and announced titles as initially anticipated. The new Avatar system was a nice addition even though it was a clear rip-off from Wii’s Mii functionality. Gears of Wars 2 and Fallout 3 weren’t big surprised since it was announced weeks before E3. But, I guess the confirmation of Final Fantasy XIII coming to Xbox360 was definitely an unexpected turn of event. I always thought Metal Gear Solid 4 would squeeze its way to Microsoft’s cherished home console, but Final Fantasy XIII, not in a million years. I think I’m more surprised how Sony let this game slipped from their hands than anything else. And finally, Banjo-Kazooie remake announcement has definitely made my day and made me more eager to snag an Xbox360.

  • Sony’s conference was a snooze fest as always. The video renting service didn’t do a thing for me at all, and the announcement of God of World III was expected, unfortunately, the trailer that was shown wasn’t direct gameplay footage, but I don’t think the game would change significantly from its predecessors. The price cut however was nice; despite the fact it served the same function as the 40GB model (i.e. no backward compatibility with PS1 and PS2 games).

And that’s all she wrote folks. Click HERE to sink your teeth for more E3 news as it comes. Who knows, we might get a surprised announcement from some publisher since E3 still hasn’t closed its doors for its attendants.

P.S. Please, take off your fanboysim shoes at the discussion door before you chip in your 2 cents. It won’t be tolerated here.

7 responses to this post.

  1. >____< oh my !!!

    I really hate the fact that it’s FFXIII is going to be on Xbox 360, something about it just doesn’t feel right.


  2. Posted by Sushi on July 16, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    Yeah I still have hope MGS will come out for the XBOX. FFXIII will probably suck on that console. Wait a minute, you mean it will come out exclusively for the Xbox 360?


  3. I didn’t think it was that bad, at least some dates have been announced for some games that we have been waiting ages for!

    Soul Caliber, Gears of War 2, Diablo III


  4. I was bored :/


  5. Right now dont really care who will get the exclusives since I decided I’ll buy a ps3 a 360 and a wii. And after two minutes of trying out guiter hero I was like this is fun but you know what wtf am I thinking not my kind of music lol.

    As for enix decision to go with 360 think it was kind of expected since they did ship FFXI as one of the first online games for the 360. And yeah I said enix because I blame them for everything. on the other hand I love square 😛


  6. True, it wasn’t truly grand since most of the games have been previously covered by previous announcements prior to E3, and the rest of the games have been expected.

    I think the only memorable thing out of the event was FFXIII. It literally made me stop breathing when I read the news at the office.

    I left early that day


  7. I’ve been murdered. That’s it, game over Japan.

    “I’m more surprised how Sony let this game slipped from their hands than anything else.”

    This is how Japan is these days, they’re letting everything slip away from them, not just games, but also anime.

    The gaming industry was Japan’s field, now they’ve been kicked out.

    Electronics was their field, also kicked out.

    Anime? They’ve sold their best to Disney and the invasion will continue until they are kicked out of this one too.

    Sad, sad, sad.


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