Achievement Unlocked: Buy More Xbox360 Games

So, it’s been like more than 3 weeks since I got me an Xbox360 and so far I’ve been playing it like a madman. Almost, every free time I have after finishing school and doing homework, I find myself turning on the system and just playing like no tomorrow.

I’ve already seen BioShock to completion; with an impressive amount of achievements unlocked I may add. I passed the 80hours mark with Tales of Vesperia and reached the third and final part of the game but there are lots of side-questing to do and to complete. Blue Dragon is on a short halt for now, which is fine since I didn’t even get passed the first boss.

Not until the other day when I visited an independent videogame store near to where I live and witnessed the amount of games that were being sold in bargains! So, the geeky gamer I am, I went there earlier today, along with bunch of awful games I bought by mistake and trade them for (hopefully) good ones. I did have to pay the price difference at the end but it was like $90 (approx: 25KD). Seriously, take a look at what I got. With that price, I think I had a fantastic deal and saved a lotta money.

Those games should keep me in a pretty good shape (gaming-wise) for the next couple of months but I know I’ll be buying more games even if I had some that I couldn’t finish. The October/November/December period (i.e. the 4th Quarter) is seeing a massive amount of games released, so things are going to be pretty wild. Man, if only there’s a room or a chamber where time stands still so I can just play more and more without wasting precious time. Oh well, gotta go and play me some Eternal Sonata and get lost in its bursting colors and bustling soundtrack.

P.S. No need to worry about school. I usually finish all my work on campus before I return back to my apartment, and that’s probably due to the fact that my apartment has plenty of distractions that would avert my eyes from doing school work.

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  1. Hifty nifty! Condemned, Kameo and PDZ reminds me of when I first bought my 360; those are exactly what I got after spending a week or so with the suckiness that is Enchanted Arms. Kameo is awesome (more like a tuned-down Zelda), PDZ > the orginal, though everybody seems to disagree with me :\ I just love how it goes all arcadish without breaking what’s used to FPSs good. Condemned is innovative and definitely worth a look. Haven’t played Eternal Sonata so no cookies for it.

    I wasn’t fond of Microsoft (in gaming) the last gen. Hell, I never owned the original Xbox, but man they are crossing leagues and bringing almost everything to my virtual doorstep. Can’t say no to that!

    Have loads of fun!


  2. Will start “Tales of Vesperia” soon. Better b good or ur dead šŸ™‚


  3. I just cant wait I wish they just add these games on ps3, well i have to get me a xbox buuuuut i will get the black xbox and add it next to my ps3 šŸ˜›


  4. Posted by Sushi on September 20, 2008 at 8:28 am

    I had to mention somewhere how annoying Yuri’s nose is in Tales of Vesperia. It reminds me of Michael Jackson’s nose. I can’t seem to ‘into’ the game because of this friggin nose. Its giving me nightmares.


  5. cool…why don’t you try some other game genres?? šŸ˜› enjoy!


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