My Weekend Pick-Ups

Another weekend, another show-off.  Since my Eid sucked ass, I decided to indulge myself with some purchases (and the idea that I have a limitless credit card access), so I bought some stuff that are bound to elevate my heart from the Eid blues. I wouldn’t lie to you, that actually worked and I feel much better thank you very much. Of course, it really helped that your family didn’t forget about you and the fact they transfer some dough to your bank account as an Eid surprise, or an Eideyah if you prefer. So, here goes:

  • iPod Nano (8GB): Even though my iPod Touch serves me very well in the time of need, I always felt the need for a smaller MP3 player, and I thought the new iPod Nano would fill that void quite perfectly. Initially, I wanted to pick up a funkier color (i.e. orange, yellow, green) but the silver was the one that resonated with my senses strongly; it looked sleek, sexy, and cool. Plus, now that I have Nano, I can finally get the Nano + Nike Sport Kit.
  • Men’s Health Magazine: Now that’s Ramadan is over, I can finally quit slacking off and hit the gym once again. And in order to get motivated, a Men’s Health magazine would do just that, but with Gerard Butler‘s excessive manliness and chiseled body on the cover, it seems I got intimated than motivated.
  • Edge Magazine: Another great issue with great articles. The Heavy Rain article looks promising and appealing, and the special report of “How Nintendo fell out of love with the hardcore gamers” should provide an interesting read.
  • Silent Hill 5: Homecoming: I’ve always been a huge fan of Silent Hill games, and I still am. With the American based ‘s “Double Helix” taken charger of developing the game instead of the original Japanese team, I was tempted, and hopefully the new direction of the game won’t fail my expectations or ruin the series for me. Expect a review anytime soon.
  • Tomb Raider Legends (Used): I missed this game when it released on the PS2 two years ago, and now, I wanted to play it before I move to the much improved Anniversary, and gets my hype up for the new iteration of the series. The game cost me a measly $15. It should be good.
  • Xbox360 Play & Charge: Now, that’s a purchase I won’t regret investing my money in. For the last month, the Xbox360 controller has been draining my supply of batteries, and this device should put an end to that.
  • Post Office (Charles Bukowski): Fellow blogger Purg published an inviting review regarding this novel last summer and I’ve been keening on purchasing one for quite some time now, but I’ve always put if off for unapparent reason. With a new bargain price tag placed on the novel, I couldn’t resist and I had to buy one. I’ll probably read if after I’m done with City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.

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  1. i got the exact same ipod nano too 🙂 … in love with it (much better than my 80GB iPod Classic)


  2. retail therapy always works


  3. u should had gotten the blue one. or even yellow 🙂


  4. Loving your purchases I might be spoiling myself soon even if I don’t have the funds because well let’s just face it, Apple is going to be releasing new goodies and I just have to have them!


  5. I was gonna pick up Homecoming but nah, that ain’t happening. I only finished Origins, which was fantastic, and then I got 2, 3 and 4 but couldn’t finish any of them. This series is sick, it’s creepy as hell and I really have no idea how I finished Origins in the first place!

    And yeah, Play & Charge kit is amazing.


  6. awww n__n 3aleek bel3afya and hope you’re feeling better by now..


  7. A belated 3eedik Embaraak! I used to do that too back in the day! But now I just make purchases randomly! lol! Enjoy all that you got! And there is no such thing as having too many ipods! lol


  8. Posted by byuleta on October 15, 2008 at 10:44 am

    hi angelo! nice ipod nano. i got one too and its alsp silver.. 6-6


  9. Here…

    , I stubmled across this site….


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