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The Sweetest Thing: iPod Touch

It turned out last night wasn’t just a simple and casual hangout with my cousins. They surprised me with a gift: 16GB iPod Touch. Obviously my response was:

“You idiots! You should have got me the 32GB model.”


I’m kidding, I’m kidding. No, I thanked them very deeply for the sweetest thing ever because I’ve been craving the iPod Touch for quite some time now. Thankfully, we had some time after we had some Brownies and Blondies at Ruby Tuesday and we head to the Virgin Store at the Marina Mall. I got me a protective screen and a red plastic cover. It’s temporarily for now but at least it is doing its job.

  • Quick Question

I’ve done software upgrade for my iPod Touch now (1.1.4), but I still haven’t received the rest of the official applications such as Maps, Weather, and Stocks. Do I really have to purchase those applications? I thought my iPod was the recent model since my cousins purchased it recently from Amazon.

MacBook Is Thin Enough!

New Macbook Ahoy!


After weeks of Internet deprivation and constant kernel panicking, I finally got a new Macbook equipped with the super sleek Leopard. I particularly spent most of the day installing new programs and software, and of course, playing around with Leopard’s new features. The difference between my 1.33GHz iBook and the current 2.16 GHz (Intel Core 2 Due) Macbook is quite huge as everything is operating smoothly with impressive speed. The screen is wide and bright, and the keyboard is “clicky” and comfortable. Unfortunately, I still haven’t abused the Time Machine and the Photo Booth, but the new desktop and Safari are certainly welcoming. In the end, I have to say I’m glad that I can finally access the web again and resume my usual blogging routine.


My current desktop. I need to “stake” my files properly.

Kernel Panic!


I just wanted to tell you guys that two weeks ago my laptop has died on me, or to put it more professionally, it had “kernel panicked”. Right now, I am blogging using my friend’s computer and I thought I should inform you about my blogging delay. I had my laptop checked at the Apple Store the other day and the guy said that it would cost 300$ to fix it. Honestly, I don’t want to pay that kind of money since I’m intended to get me a Macbook in the future (I’m using iBook G4 currently). I’ll see if I can afford to buy a Macbook (with already installed-leopard) or not. So, until then…

The Legend of Zelda: The Manga


If you are a Zelda fan, than you’re going to love what I got for you. I recently have discovered a site that contains the translated manga based on the Legend of Zelda videogame series, and they are totally free and downloadable. The stories aren’t exact replicas of the games, in which the writers made couple of neat tweaks of the original stories to add a brand new fresh air. The artwork is superb, especially the Ocarina of Time manga, and the story was translated perfectly from the original game. Whether you are a big fan of Zelda or not, you have to pay the website a visit and check the manga out. Now, if only Nintendo would release an anime version of Zelda…

The manga are based on the following series:

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Colored MacBook


If you are thinking of buying a MacBook but you don’t really prefer neither the defaults white and black colors, then I have some good news for you. Colorware provides the opportunity to customize any MacBook, MacBook Pro, and even iPods to colorful looking machines thanks to their life-lasting coating system. It’s really neat and you will be the envy of your friends if you showed up with a sky-blue MacBook; however there is one catch: you will have to fork extra cash (approx a whopping $500) to coat your system.

Check Them Out Here

100 Best Selling Games In North America (2006)


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The results are quite surprising; mostly because some of the games are total crap. I mean why Americans buy those games anyway? In fact, the average review score of the whole 100 games combine is between 65-70%. 2006 was a good year for both the Xbox360 and Nintendo DS. The Wii has done quite well especially since it was released in November and couple of PS3 were registerd in the list.

I Got Me A New iPod


I have been putting off buying the iPod Video for some time now, but I finally got the courage (and the money) to get me one. I spent most of the day importing my songs, “cleaning” and organizing the information of the songs, and finding all the album covers to be displayed when I select a song to play. Now, all I have to do is to upload some videos (and maybe some podcasts) to enjoy the new features of this nifty iPod.

PS: In case you are curious, I got a White (30GB) iPod Video.

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