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Are You A Perfectionist?


Perfectionism is a belief that perfection can and should be attained. In its pathological form, it is a belief that anything less than perfect is unacceptable. At pathological levels, this is considered an unhealthy belief. Most people feel that perfectionism is something positive and by adhering that principle they can achieve anything. Psychologists argue that people should strive to be a healthy striver then a perfectionist. Others argue however, that perfectionism is like a dual-edge sword; it does have positive aspects such as driving people to accomplishments and motivations, and the tendency to have lower levels of procrastination. Here are some examples that can help you to identify whether you are a perfectionist or a healthy striver.


  • Sets standards beyond reach and reason
  • Is never satisfied by anything less than perfection
  • Becomes dysfunctionally depressed when experiences failure and disappointment
  • Is preoccupied with fear of failure and disapproval–this can deplete energy levels
  • Sees mistakes as evidence of unworthiness
  • Becomes overly defensive when criticized

Healthy Striver

  • Sets high standards, but just beyond reach
  • Enjoys process as well as outcome
  • Bounces back from failure and disappointment quickly and with energy
  • Keeps normal anxiety and fear of failure and disapproval within bounds–uses them to create energy
  • Sees mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning
  • Reacts positively to helpful criticism

Midsummer Night’s Dream


Yesterday I went to the Shakespeare Festival that our university usually holds during the summer. I wanted to watch a Shakespeare play that I didn’t read about, so I picked the romantic comedy “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The whole play was preformed on an outdoor theater just like the way it used to be preformed during the Elizabethan era. It was kinda cool but the chairs weren’t comfortable enough but they were totally manageable. The play started at 8:35PM and finished roughly around 11PM with a 20 minutes intermission.

However, I have to say that was one of the funniest Shakespeare’s plays I have ever seen or heard. The best part is the “play on play” part, and the funniest character was Nick Bottom. The performance was excellent, although I couldn’t help but to notice that some of the actors slipped on their British accent. Nevertheless, the whole evening was unforgettable and I had tons of fun. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take couple of pictures of the performance because taking pictures wasn’t allowed, but I manage to take a picture of the stage during the intermission.

The Illogic Behind The English Logic


Even though the upper division English class I’m currently taking is boring as hell, yet I’ve learned couple of new stuff when the class started. First, the Prof explained the common mistakes that English speakers (or should I say writers) usually commit, and sentences that are wrong but make you sound smarter when you say them. Although I have to admit that as an international student, I don’t usually make those mistakes, but I admit that I have a weakness in choosing the right words, and a lack of sophisticated vocabulary that most of my “blog friends” possess. I do make grammar mistakes sometimes, but usually, they aren’t that tragic.

Allow me to share with you some of the mistakes that Americans commit in writing papers and stuff.

• Word Identity

o Advice/Advise
o Affect/Effect
o Apart/A part
o Datum/Data
o E.T.C/etc.
o Fewer/Less
o Further/Farther
o “Inspite”/In Spit
o Loose/Lose
o Choose/Choice

• Wrong Sentences That Make Sound Sophisticated

o You and I instead of You and Me
o Disinterested instead of Uninterested
o Stronger than me instead of Stronger than I
o Who do you like instead of Whom do you like?
o We invited Bill, whom likes baseball than us instead of We invited Bill who likes baseball than we do.

• Can you read the following sentences without really thinking but understand what do they really mean?

o The bandage was wound around the wound.
o The farm was used to produce produce.
o The landfill was so full, they had to refuse more refuse.
o Please polish the Polish furniture.
o He could be in the lead if he would get the lead out.
o The soldier chose to desert his dessert in the desert.
o Since there is no time like the present, it is time to present the present.
o A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.
o When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.
o I did not object to the object.
o The insurance was invalid for the invalid.
o There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.
o They were too close to the door to close it.
o The buck does strange antics when does are around.
o A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.
o To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.
o The wind was too strong for us to wind the sail.
o I shed a tear upon seeing the tear in the painting.
o I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.
o I need to intimate this to my most intimate friend?

A Lame Excuse For A Long Absence


Although my absence isn’t as long as most bloggers usually do, but for me it is freakin long. Since the second term of summer school started and I have been extremely lazy to blog anything. If I had to blame something, then it’s got to be my upper division writing class. The class is jam-packed with reading materials and writing assignments, and they are due almost three times per week. Not to mention the “big paper” that is due every Monday. Thus, my “writing energy” is usually drained out by the end of the day, and my enthusiasm to blog something (even if it was a good thing) vanishes. I know…Lame.

Right now, I’m going to take advantage of this weekend and blog as much as I can, and try to visit my regulars. Happy blogging everyone!

No Time For The Environment



Yesterday I was rushing all around the school campus; I got million of things I wanted to do and a group meeting to attend and buses to catch; however, thanks to the many organization we have here, my job to get things done was interrupted many times.

First, a girl stopped me outside the Food Court that we have in campus and said, “Do you have one minute for the environment?” I honestly was in hurry to catch my next class and I knew it would take at least 5 to 6 minutes. So I replied “No, sorry.” Of course, it’s not like I don’t care about the environment but that wasn’t the perfect time to discuss this and yet you can’t help but feel sorry for ditching the cute girl as a careless moron. Also, one the same day, a guy stopped me for a summer job offer and couple of girls also stopped me for a survey asking if I have found Jesus yet. And I refused to listen to any of them, it just I don’t have the time. My friend recommended that I should arm my self with an ipod or a cell phone and pretend to be using them so they can leave me alone. As mean as that sounds, I think I’m going to employ her technique.

A Jar Of Coffee


Yesterday the instructor of the Critical Thinking course I’m currently taking came to class with a jar of liquid coffee. Yes, not a cup or a thermos but a big glass jar that is usually used to store cookies or something. I was sitting in the very front row of the class, exactly near the teacher’s table and through the one-hour and a half, all I was sniffing was the smell of coffee coming from his jar (I assume it’s Nestle), which was so strong it actually woke me up. This is actually nothing compared to last year organic chemistry’s TA; she usually starts her day with a scientific beaker of coffee taken from the chemistry lab.

Summer Session Ready



As everybody in Kuwait right now probably has finished the finals, I on the other hand just started my summer session. It isn’t that bad actually; the courses are reasonable and the exams are few and far between. The break that I had after the spring’s finals was enough for me to revitalize and charge my batteries so I’m not depressed as you might think. The couple of things that suck are that I have to read a lot, which kinda interferes with my regular summer reading, and the occasional homework and paper writing. Hopefully the summer session will pass by smoothly as I’ve anticipated.

Finally Done With The Finals


Yesterday was the final day for the finals and that means a month free from books and school buses. I’m having summer courses this year and I’m still wondering if I will travel around or not. The finals went really well but the Biology exam was a brain cracker really. Mainly because not only I had to take the final exam but also a mid term exam as well; you can drop the 3rd exam if you are satisfied with the last two midterms and the 15-page research paper. However, I was thinking that since the final exam was cumulative, I might as well take the mid term. And thank god I did because it was a little easier than the last two.

Anyway, I spent the day today attending couple of my friends’ graduation ceremonies and I have a last one to attend tomorrow. We had fun at the ceremony, as we were the only ones that made some noise (you know how Kuwaiti get crazy sometimes at these kind of events). Then we had dinner and a breezy gathering in Starbucks. I hope my graduation will be as fun as this one.

Prepping For The Finals


I have been extremely busy on the past days. The finals are starting this weekend (my first final is on Saturday) and the “butterflies stomach” are swarming inside of me already. I got an e-mail from my cancer professor stating to relax and not to think too much of the exam. Well, his e-mail didn’t do zilch for me and I’m still terrified. I really cannot wait for Wednesday to come and be free from school. So, since school comes first, I’ll be away from blogging for the time being and be back on Wednesday or Thursday. Have a nice week…lucky bastards!!

Prostate Cancer Presentation


I forgot to tell you guys about the Cancer Conference that our professor arranged for us last Saturday. He assigned all of us to either make a presentation or a poster about any type of cancer. One of my friends who she also taking the class with me insisted on a poster so I went along with her idea. We went to the professor and told him that we are doing a poster about prostate cancer because we were sick that women get all the media attention with their breast cancer awareness and the fact its mortality rate surpasses breast’s. Don’t get me wrong, I am big supporter of breast cancer awareness (hell, I even wear its wrist band) but we need attention too you know. He gave us the green light and went on with the poster.

Forward to last Saturday. The conference started at 8:00AM and lasted to 7:00PM. Not only I have to wake up extremely early that day but I also had to sit through at least 20 presentation about different types of cancer and of course our part in the 2 hours poster session. We gave away flayers to the people who came to our poster place and blue wrist bands (it represents prostate cancer support) to the panelists who were to grade our poster. We also wore blue garments and the wrist bands; I wore a dark blue dress shirt with a light blue tie and black pants. After 11 hours in the conference, we finally finished and had a little celebration in the Olive Garden. I was tired but I honestly had tons of fun. I never get to watch a movie that weekend though but it’s all for a good reason; to fight the number 2 cause of death to men (#1 is lungs cancer).