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Casual Friday


I had tons of fun last Friday. I SMSed my friend and told him that I need to grab a lunch with him after school for a change; and in my surprise, four more people wound up showing to the restaurant (I didn’t mind that of course). I ordered grilled chicken madeira and it was delicious (hell I even cleaned my plate full…I mean I need some protein haha).

We were six then we became three, we headed to the mall for some browsing. I got me the new kakis from the GAP retail store (It’s called “the boyfriend trouser” in the commercial, check out HERE). I got some facial products, scented candles, and other small things.

We decided to watch the movie 300 the 5 o’clock show, thinking that the movie theater will not be crowded at this hour…boy, we were wrong. The movie was amazing and very stylized; I give it a big fat B+ (read the review above).

After the movie, we returned to the mall again just to hangout and waste some time; we went to Gamestop and I felt tempted and bought Sonic and The Secrets Rings for the Wii (expect a review soon). Afterward, we went to my friend’s apartment to relax for a bit and I got to play a little bit of X360, and got to talk and catch up.


By 10PM, my eyes started to get heavy so I requested my friend to drop me off at my place, and he was talking with another friend of mine who is living in the same building and he informed me that first we all are going to stop at Walmart and then to my place. He asked me if I needed something from Walmart and I was like “Well, I ran out of green tea so I might as well stock up”…I wound up paying more than $75 for groceries and household essentials.

Finally, I got back home, place everything in the fridge and to their proper place and dozed off and slept like a log.

The Versatile Shirt


Do you have a favorite shirt that whenever it got dirty you get really pissed and rush to the dry-cleaner to get all the stains removed? Or, do you have what is called “wardrobe favorite” item that you wear it for any occasions and always makes you look thin or fit? Of course you have, and this shirt is referred as a “the versatile shirt”.

A versatile shirt usually got this” wardrobe favorite” I talked about written all over it! First it’s usually very comfortable, you can wear this it with a tie or without, under a sport-coat, or casual with khakis or jeans. It is usually made of 100% combed cotton.

Now, if you are wondering how to spot one, here’s a tip: a button-up shirt that is perhaps more fitted and/or has a nice pattern is a stylish alternative to the plain dress shirt usually considered “versatile”. They are perfect worn with jeans alone or under a blazer. I usually go with Cottonfield, Banana Republic, and Armani Exchange shirts…sure, they might be a little expensive but they sure last for eternity. So try to make every shirt in your wardrobe versatile and your personal favorite.

The Devil Wears Zara


One of my favorite stores in Kuwait is also one of the most obnoxious places on Earth. I really like Zara, I really do. I like their clothes, their shoes, their accessories, and their sells, but there is one thing that I really hate that the management still hasn’t done nothing to improve and that would be: their employees and customer service. I mean they are so mean and “vicious”, and they way they look at you is like you are asking for charity, not paying them money so they could keep their jobs. I mean, when I go there, it’s not like I’m buying one item after a long time browsing and wasting their time. I’m paying 200 something KD dammit, so I expect a good service and for once a smile or a gesture of gratitude.

So can anyone explain why is that? I have seen this in almost all Zara’s store in Kuwait and I see no difference. I have no idea if this also applies to the women’s section too, but I’m guessing it is definitely not the same.

Creative Gifts

LaCie Huby: USBs For Everybody


• 4 USB 2.0 ports & 2 FireWire 400 ports
• Easy to use; plug & play; hot-swappable
• 8 flexible cables, 8 colorful LEDs, USB light, USB fan
• Original, exclusive design by Ora-Ïto


Nooka Watch: A New Way To Look At Time


  • The small dots represent the hours
  • The bar below represents the minutes
  • The small LCD screen shows the seconds
  • Full-face mineral crystal lens


Cheeky Earrings: Finally! Earrings That Make Sense


  • One set labels your “left brain” and “right brain”
  • The other set indicates how so much goes “in one ear” and “out the other”
  • Handmade in San Francisco


Blazers Are Back!


Just as I was surfing the net, visiting online department stores and searching for something cool to wear for the airport (I would go to the mall but since I’m busy with the finals, this is more efficient), I caught a little trend that is vibrant these days: BLAZERS.

The new styles seem really cool (and not lame at all as they used to be), but my problem with them is they are very limited and very hard to keep them clean and slick. Until, I came across with these three simple recommendations for blazer-loving people:

• It seems blazers can be worn casually as well as formally. For example, you can pair it with jeans and a T-shirt for causal Fridays, or, combine it with a jacket, shirt tie, and trousers for those formal parties and gatherings.

• Best advice to clean a blazer and make it looks all new is to remove the creases by either “iron-stemming” it or simply by hanging it in your bathroom while you shower.

• Fashion fanatics highly recommend getting solid black or navy blazers for maximum versatility. But for evening wear; consider a brighter shade that will pop under “subdued nightclub lighting”.

Click HERE and HERE for some cool blazers I found; in case you are interested in buying one for yourself too.