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Big Brother’s Family Graduation Party

Yesterday, we had a big family gathering at my uncle’s house to commemorate my big brother’s graduation upon completing his Masters, and to celebrate his 27th birthday, which happens to be today. We had an outstanding food buffet that served almost anything. My eyes certainly were bigger than my stomach since I stuffed my plate with too much food that I wouldn’t normally have at all.

The best part in whole thing is when we have created a small graduation ceremony of our own. All the younger folks in our family and relative circle who are still in school (including myself) have received an honorary stand with an appreciation degree. My uncle who is happened to be a doctor in KU took the role of the “Dean” and was the one who “honored” us with the degrees.

And finally we had tons of dessert including a mouth watering Kanafah. It was hot and sweet, just the way I like it. By the time I came back home, I was completely drained out. It was really a long but fun day.

The 5 Annoying People You Meet In Kuwait’s Movie Theater

Last time, I condensed my ranting thoughts regarding the annoying people that you meet in Starbucks all across America, but this time, I’m going for the people that are destined to drive you nuts while watching a movie in Kuwait.

Now, before I rumble on, you might ask “Angelo, why you are so bitter”?

I’m not bitter. In fact, I’ve been told that I am the most delightful person ever, and as a training psychologist, I am conditioned not to harshly judge people or make snap judgments, but I cannot hold my rage and frustration for the sake of science. Thus, I decided to abuse my blog as a source of agitation release. Here’s a word of advice before I start: if you are one of those annoying people I listed, be cautions, because I placed a voodoo curse on you that shall torment you until you repent. In no particular order, here’s my list:

  • The Duckman

Ducks are generally not permitted in movie theaters, but it seems it is the case in Kuwait. It’s very wonderful to witness God’s beautiful creatures manifested in a human being; however, listening to loud bursts of “Kaaaaak” laughs while watching a movie isn’t the most charming thing in my honest opinion. If I had the permission, I would have carried on the respectable laws of the jungle inside the movie theater, and became the hunter who seeks his pray with a shotgun, fated to blast the Duckman in the head.

  • The Gossip Girl

Did you know that Nora has just had her dress tailored from France? And have you heard that Aseel just gave birth to a deformed child? And can you believe that Othman just divorced his wife, Abraar, after 2 months of being married? No! Then I believe you weren’t going to movie theaters lately because it seems the cinema is the perfect hub to stock up with meaningless gossips and tattletales that would make any person to develop horns just by listening to them. Seriously, no XOXO for you, gossip girl, because you deserve a series of punches and kicks right in the gut.

  • The Bluetooth Whore

Countless high-tech wizards have hailed Bluetooth technology as one of the most convenient inventions in the wireless industry, but leave it to Arabs to turn a work of art to one of the most abusive tool ever created. The problem is that people still reluctant to turn off their damn cell phones even after a big bold message has flashed in the giant screen, ordering them to do so. Sometimes, I just wish the screen would develop an arm and bitchslap the Bluetooth abuser silly. Now, if that isn’t annoying to you, then how about a coughing ringtone that gets activated upon receiving a Bluetooth message on every damn second. It’s quite delightful, isn’t it?

  • The Incarnated Children of The Devil

Don’t believe in the devil or dying to meet one? No sweat! All you have to do, is to go to a PG-rated movie roughly around 6 or 7PM in one of the most crowded movie theaters in the country, while arming yourself with bottles of the holy water or verses from the Qu’ran, and you are all set. It was extremely enchanting watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian while a kid from the front seat gave up on watching a convoluted story that his tiny brain couldn’t absorb, and decided to stare at you instead. Not to mention the screams, the hyper laughs, and the countless donkey kicks from the hordes of children behind you. Even chanting, “may the power of Christ compels you” while shoving the cross down their throat didn’t work either. Perhaps mass cremation would do the trick.

  • The Clown Clapper

When a great movie comes to its finale, it is considered privilege decorum to give a round of applause as an appreciation for the good time you spent watching the movie. Occasionally however, you are destined to encounter an obnoxious dude who “overclaps” at every scene, even when the hero of the movie meets his surprising, unexpected death at the end of the movie. I tried to search through the DSM-IV to find a disorder that describes the presented symptom, and gladly I did. I think I’m more surprised to discover that Tourette’s disorder is a common syndrome among the Kuwaiti youth. This the perfect case study for my doctoral dissertation.

The Gem I Found In Rihab Complex


The game that I was trying to find over the last couple of years without resorting to spend ridiculous amount of money in eBay and Amazon.


My incredibly white hand as it unprofessionally grasps the case in the picture above. That photo woke me up from my delusions in becoming a hand model.

Dusty Morning @ Souk Sharq

Today, I went to Souk Sharq roughly at eleven o’clock in the morning. It a little bit dusty than usual, and that kind of ruined my morning walk at the pier. I didn’t do much shopping like last time but it was nice strolling around and just observes the people there, which was a good thing since I finally got to monitor the stylish Dishdasha wearing “gentlemen” that Sushi told me about. They usually hang out in a fancy coffee shop while reading the New York Times even though most of them aren’t exactly that sophisticated, if you know what I mean. I’ve to say though, some of them really looked good in a Dishdasha, which kinda sucked for me because I don’t look good wearing one at all.

Anyway, here are some shots I took using my Sony Ericsson K810i. Not too shabby for a cellphone camera.

Musing: Shopping In Kuwait

Despite the herds of Muhajababes that seem to stare deep into my soul while buying the most provocative outfits…

Despite the Kuwaiti retailers that look insulted when you ask them for a bigger size of pants…

Despite the Lebanese sellers that seem to know French more than English, and have the slightest clue on who Ewan McGregor is…

Despite the gay bodybuilders who cannot wait to screw each other and have an orgy in the middle of the mall…

Despite the Mulla-looking dudes that are lurking in a place where they consider a “devil’s haven”…

Despite the flocks of youth that didn’t’ hit puberty but have a knack on hitting on girls who are 10 years older…

Despite the Indian car drivers that have no problem on running you over in the parking lot…

Despite the Westerns that got BBQed from the heat…

Despite being a racist while writing this post…

Shopping in Kuwait still has its charm and splendor.

Observations In Mishref Walkway

In keeping up with mom’s sudden régime in maintaining my weight (and losing more), she has also compiled a daily schedule for me to walk in Mishref Walkway, which is something I genuinely and highly approve of. It isn’t my first time in this particular walkway but it sure has been a long time since I’ve ever stridden there. However, the social psychologist in me couldn’t help but to monitor the crowd that uses the walkway, and thus, I brought together some general observations that I summed up below:

  • Time doesn’t remain a major obstacle to the visitors, as the walkway is generously crowded on each different time of the day. There are a surprising number of people in the morning, which is something I didn’t expect. However, I couldn’t help but to notice that is commonly packed out on weekends. I predict as the weather gets hotter over time, more people will become nocturnal and walk in the evening.
  • The “social gene” that Kuwaitis possess is still robust and active among the inhabitants of the walkway. It is quite uncommon to find to two people walking together but not talking or socializing. The intensity of the exercise is irrelevant; I have found several joggers and runners exchanging small words while committing on their activity.
  • Women clad in abayas and burqas is a common sightseeing as well, and they even remain in increasing numbers than those who do not wear them. However, further investigation regarding the manner revealed that those women aren’t necessarily veiled, and they only cover themselves when walking. The reason behind such behavior is that some of them wished to be anonymous from people who might know them because some women tend to gossip on who is trying to lose weight, and these kind of talks lean to be unfavorable to the woman who is trying to lose weight.
  • Unlike the women, the men using the walkway are generally fit, and their true intention is to sustain their fitness instead of losing weight. However, those who walk in purpose of losing weight are usually accompanied by their friends, and those who walk or run alone are usually fitted. Behavioral Psychology might explain this behavior in that overweight men become less intimated when they are accompanied by friends and family and shelter them from unnecessary attention from others.
  • The walkway is mostly used by the citizens; although, few South Asian expats are found there in the purpose of striking a conversation with the maids who accompany the children in the playground. Westerns expats generally use the walkway from early morning to late afternoon. Further investigation revealed that the expats usually prefer walking in the outside walkway of The Palms and the Scientific Center in Salmiya.
  • Other forms of walking aren’t commonly observed but exist; the females usually perform power walking while the males favor jogging and running instead.
  • Very few people remain hydrated while active but there are several large water fountains that are suitable for drinking along the walkway.
  • The walkway is 5 kilometers long (which is 10 kilometers upon walking back and forth once). However, most people usually walk between 6 or 7 kilometers. That is, walking for 3 or 3.5 kilometers once and repeats it while heading back.
  • Surprisingly, flirting (or harassing) among the walkers is either rare or nonexistent. There is a general amount of respect among the walkers.

And that concludes my observations. I might update the post upon further observations as I continue visiting the walkway. I’m also interesting in visiting other walkways in the country and conduct my observations and investigate the consistencies.

What’s Up With Nour?

These days, I feel like a stranger in my own country, but in a good way, and my discoveries concerning the hip and new seems never-ending. Apparently, Turkish drama shows are the latest and the hottest trend that is sweeping the Arab channels recently, and viewers have been watching them religiously and cannot seem to get enough of them.

The other day, I was in my uncle’s house upon receiving a dinner invitation, which I gladly accepted. After dinner, I’ve been asked about my major and my career, and as I passionately rumbled on regarding my interest in the field of Social Psychology, the antique clock in the hallway stroke ten times. Suddenly, my cousin shushed everybody in the room, and she silenced me from talking by shoving a sock in my throat.

Okay, that was a lie but I swear I saw her doing that to me in her eyes.

It didn’t take me too long to figure out that the dubbed show was originally Turkish, but I was confused on the choice the producers made on making them speak Syrian instead of Arabic, which was the default option in Arabic dubbed shows. However, I was morbidly inquisitive on the decision of exchanging the Turkish names of the characters with Arabic ones. I mean, if the Arab viewers are comfortable with Spanish names in dubbed Mexican soap operas, then why abandoning the consistency with the Turkish names? I kinda find it a little bit insulting, but I guess anything that keeps the viewers away from watching “a maid turned into a rich woman after having an amnesia” is finely approved by me.

Inside Kuwait

Hi fellas. Sorry for the lack of update since past week. Obviously, I was incredibly busy with meeting the family and friends and accepting invitations all over the place that I forgot about my blog. Now that I’m finely settled in and got adjusted to the speed connection of the wireless service in my home, I can finally resume blogging as usual. Now, allow me to share some tidbits that might be interesting or incredibly lame to you:

  • I finally got to vote for the first time and it was really exciting even though the process of voting was dull and long. However, I got devastated the next day since only one candidate from the four I voted won the elections, and I couldn’t hide the fact that I was so pissed. My friends re-assured me that loss of expectations in politics is pretty common and I’ve better get used to it, which made me feel like a political newbie. But seriously, is it really too much to ask to elect at least one woman in the parliament?
  • So far, the weather is pretty nice and not so hot as I expected. However, I know I’m going to eat my words in the next few weeks. Strolling in the Marina Crescent in the morning is so refreshing, although I didn’t spot Marzouq and his bike gang at all. I might need to wake up early to spot them in action.
  • I’m also surprised by the amount of American and English expats we have recently. I’ve been practically seeing them everywhere, and they even started to behave very Kuwaiti-like, which makes sense considering the society and economical factors (i.e. high salary) that’s been imposed on them. Not to sound like a racist jerk, I guess it’s nice to have them here instead of your average south Asian, Persian, or Arab expats that you are used to see.
  • I love my new bed. Its ten times better than the coffin I have back in the states. Although, I kinda miss my HDTV and my Wii (no pun intended).

Care to sleep with me? I’ll have the left side, and you get the right.

Kuwait, Here I Come

Yup, I’ll be leaving the United States and going back to Kuwait for the summer. I haven’t been to Kuwait for more than 18 months. I would have missed the faces of my mother and father if I didn’t have their pictures with me, but still, I miss them so much and cannot wait to be with them again. Even though I love the life of independency, I cannot wait to return to the life of simple luxury I had in Kuwait; you know, like you don’t have to worry about your dinner, laundry, and cleaning the bathroom and stuff.

My flight is tomorrow’s night and I should arrive to Heathrow International Airport around noon. Now, the biggest dilemma is that I have to wait a freaking fucking 10 hours before my next flight to K-Town. Seriously, what’s the deal British Airways? I’ll probably spend my time sleeping in the Quite Room they have in the airport. According to the itinerary, my total flight duration is 25 hours and 15 minutes. That means I’ll be spending a whole day just traveling around. Aghh, you would think since we live in 21st Century, we would have invented teleport pods by now. I’ll be arriving to Kuwait on Wednesday in the early morning.

Finally, I’d like to mention that I’d be able to continue blogging this time around since my big brother has installed Internet wireless service around the house (remember, I live in South Surra), so you will not be missing a thing. Right now, let’s just hope everything goes smoothly and that my flights would be delays-free.

Are You A Typical Kuwaiti Man?


“Angelo, you are so not a typical Kuwaiti”.

Honestly, I have been hearing this sentence since the day I was born. Through my life, this sentence is always used in both negative and positive lights. For example, one friend of mine was so angry that I’m not good at playing football that he yelled “What kind of Kuwaiti who doesn’t know how to play a freaking football?” And another friend of mine was impressed that I read books for pleasure and she has said once “Wow Angelo, you read books? That is so not what a Kuwaiti would do”.

So, as you can see, being called untypical Kuwaiti guy can have its ups and downs. Thus, I have derived a list (based on my experiences) on what it takes for a person to be qualified as a typical Kuwait person. Please note that this post isn’t intended to be serious, or offensive for that matter. It’s for your pleasure only!

What Makes You A Typical Kuwaiti Man?

1. You are good at playing football but lack the footballer’s body
2. You love playing “Kout Bo Setah” but hate playing Uno
3. Your Playstation 2 can only play Winning Eleven
4. You eat with your bare hands…even when dine in a restaurant.
5. Your idea of “dating” is to chase girls around at “The Love Street”
6. You don’t read books for pleasure
7. Your taste in western music is based on the current, generated hype
8. You fart in front of your friends
9. You make the “KAAAK Laugh” at the movies
10. Beirut, London, and Bangkok are your ideal vacation spots
11. Your average cell phone bill is beyond 100KD
12. You cannot live without an “European Satellite Dish”.
13. You watch football more than an English man would normally watch
14. Your idea of liberalism is to drink and have sex but not to eat pork
15. You consider Stallone, Van Damme, and Segal as your favorite actors
16. Most of your jokes are based on Kuwaiti comedy plays
17. You cannot joke with your friends unless you cuss
18. Your cell phone is filled with jokes and pornographic text messages
19. You cannot accept girls as your friends or as colleagues
20. You always accept girls as your girlfriends
21. High school is your favorite period of your life
22. You smoke in the non-smoking areas
23. You think a dishdasha creates a true man
24. You want your wife to be an exact replica of your mother
25. You show (or pose) your muscles in your facebook and Hi5 accounts
26. You use famous football players and movie stars as your online avatars
27. Your English vocabulary is based on Rap music
28. You consider Gulf Road as a Formula-1 track
29. Your only use of English is when you use the “IRC language”
30. You cannot live without having a loan or a mortgage

Now, if you satisfy at least 10 conditions from the provided list then consider yourself a typical Kuwaiti man. Honestly, I can add more than 30 conditions but I had to stop at some point. Again, I hope you take this post as it’s originally intended. After all, I am a Kuwaiti and damn proud to be one.