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Is She A Better Runner?


While I was jogging my way through the running trail today, I saw a young couple running together and none of them were ahead of each other. However, I couldn’t help but to notice that the girl was slowing her pace so she wouldn’t go ahead of her boyfriend (I’m assuming he is her boyfriend not her brother). She sure looked a bit more athletic than her boyfriend and didn’t mind fasten her pace at all. Was she intentionally doing that so she wouldn’t hurt her boyfriend’s “manhood”? Do women care about their men’s feelings and how important that they feel masculine enough?

Which reminds me of another day when I was jogging and this girl came behind me and was keeping up with me for like 2 minutes. I couldn’t keep up so I had to slow my pace to regain my breath. She passed me and then she turned around and smiled at me. I’m wondering if she was smiling (but secretly laughing inside) because I’m a total loser that couldn’t keep up with a girl, or if I was totally secure in my masculinity and she found that kinda cute. God only knows what she thought of me that day.

Lame Breakup


I came across to one of my colleague at school today when I was finding a table at the Memorial Center.

Angelo: Clair? Hi
Clair: Oh Angelo…how are you? You look great.
Angelo: (laughs) Thanks babe…you don’t look bad yourself.
Clair: Well, I might not look bad but I do feel bad.
Angelo: Why? What happened?
Clair: Remember Ryan?
Angelo: You mean your boyfriend Ryan?
Clair: We broke up.
Angelo: I’m so sorry to hear that; you guys were like my favorite couple (smile).
Clair: (sigh) Yeah…
Angelo: May I ask what has happened?
Clair: Well, he broke up with me because he wanted us to see other people at spring break.
Angelo: WHAT? That’s crazy…I thought these kinds of things don’t happen in real life.
Clair: I know my life has turned into a drama show…or a sitcom for that matter.

We got to talk for a bit…but it really got me thinking. Do people really break up for lame reasons like that? I mean, I have seen them together for more than a year now. And to tell you the truth, Ryan is not quite a looker (he’s kinda tall and skinny and always wear a sport cap); I doubt he will ever score at spring break…

What Puts Her In The Mood?


Men’s Health magazine surveyed another 1,000 women on how do they rate nonsexual foreplay tactics. Rating of 6 and up is considered “Fun”, while below 6 is considered the “Meh” level.

  • He takes me out for an expensive dinner (4)
  • We workout together (3)
  • He listens to me vent about my day (5)
  • We laugh together watching a TV show or movie (8)
  • He cooks dinner and cleans up (9)
  • We reminisce over old photos or video (5)
  • He takes me to a concert or a show he knows I’d like (7)
  • Without prodding, he cleans up around the house (6)
  • He surprises me with a sentimental gift (9)
  • He runs a bunch of errands for me (5)
  • He gives me a foot rup while we watch TV (7)
  • We talk a long walk together and talk (6)
  • He unexpectedly draws me a bath (9)
  • He buys me something I’d hesitated to get for my self (7)

So basically, in order for the man to score, he needs to do what is considered “feminine work” around the house, or to express his femininity more. Interesting, I don’t really mind doing that.

The Facebook Stalker Video

Do you have a facebook account? Well, after watching this video I bet some of you are going to close it once and for all (I’m not doing it though). The skit is really funny and the lyrics that were influenced by Enrique Iglesias’ song Hero is genius. I wonder if I have a stalker too?

Get A Wingwoman Instead


Most guys when they go out and start looking for love, they usually have a wingman who gives them a boost in their morals and improves their chances of hooking up. However, recent study shows it would much better if you have a wingwoman instead.

A new study set to be published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B concludes that women are more likely to find men attractive if they see other women smiling at them.

Here is a jest from the study:

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland showed women pairs of pictures of men and asked them to choose the more attractive guy and rate how much more attractive he was. They then showed the women short videos with the same faces, but in each shot a woman was looking at the man with either a smile or a neutral expression. After watching the video, the women rated the men who got a smile higher than those who got the blank stare.

In another trial however, the researchers asked what men thought of other men who were getting smiles from women. The result: they thought they were less attractive. In other words, guys don’t like guys who look like they might get some.


Sexy AIDS Ad


Very informative isn’t it?

The Revenge of The Woman


Men’s Health magazine surveyed 300 women on how do they rate the ways they punish the men in their lives. Rank 7 and up is considered the most satisfying, while, below 7 is considered not as fulfilling.

*Gulp* here goes:

• I give him the silent treatment till he cracks (Rank 6)
• I withhold sex till he grovels (Rank 4)
• I flirt with other guys (Rank 3)
• I tell him I’m disappointed, cry, and make him feel miserable (Rank 7)
• I get out with my girlfriends and hope he worries (Rank 5)
• I don’t pick up the phones when he calls (Rank 8)
• I force him to talk about whatever the problem is (Rank 7)
• I buy myself something nice with our money, because I can (Rank 6)

I’m surprised that withholding sex is not satisfying to have the sweet taste of revenge.