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My Weekend Pick-Ups

Another weekend, another show-off.  Since my Eid sucked ass, I decided to indulge myself with some purchases (and the idea that I have a limitless credit card access), so I bought some stuff that are bound to elevate my heart from the Eid blues. I wouldn’t lie to you, that actually worked and I feel much better thank you very much. Of course, it really helped that your family didn’t forget about you and the fact they transfer some dough to your bank account as an Eid surprise, or an Eideyah if you prefer. So, here goes:

  • iPod Nano (8GB): Even though my iPod Touch serves me very well in the time of need, I always felt the need for a smaller MP3 player, and I thought the new iPod Nano would fill that void quite perfectly. Initially, I wanted to pick up a funkier color (i.e. orange, yellow, green) but the silver was the one that resonated with my senses strongly; it looked sleek, sexy, and cool. Plus, now that I have Nano, I can finally get the Nano + Nike Sport Kit.
  • Men’s Health Magazine: Now that’s Ramadan is over, I can finally quit slacking off and hit the gym once again. And in order to get motivated, a Men’s Health magazine would do just that, but with Gerard Butler‘s excessive manliness and chiseled body on the cover, it seems I got intimated than motivated.
  • Edge Magazine: Another great issue with great articles. The Heavy Rain article looks promising and appealing, and the special report of “How Nintendo fell out of love with the hardcore gamers” should provide an interesting read.
  • Silent Hill 5: Homecoming: I’ve always been a huge fan of Silent Hill games, and I still am. With the American based ‘s “Double Helix” taken charger of developing the game instead of the original Japanese team, I was tempted, and hopefully the new direction of the game won’t fail my expectations or ruin the series for me. Expect a review anytime soon.
  • Tomb Raider Legends (Used): I missed this game when it released on the PS2 two years ago, and now, I wanted to play it before I move to the much improved Anniversary, and gets my hype up for the new iteration of the series. The game cost me a measly $15. It should be good.
  • Xbox360 Play & Charge: Now, that’s a purchase I won’t regret investing my money in. For the last month, the Xbox360 controller has been draining my supply of batteries, and this device should put an end to that.
  • Post Office (Charles Bukowski): Fellow blogger Purg published an inviting review regarding this novel last summer and I’ve been keening on purchasing one for quite some time now, but I’ve always put if off for unapparent reason. With a new bargain price tag placed on the novel, I couldn’t resist and I had to buy one. I’ll probably read if after I’m done with City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.

Can You Feel The Poke Power?

I’ve been meaning in purchasing a new Nintendo DS Lite for quite some time now, and kinda ditch the old one I have that almost was running out of battery power, but I was waiting for the right “limited edition” bundle to pop up so I can grab one.

Not until today when I was strolling over at Gamestop where my “Poke-Instinct” detected the fearsome power of legendary species of time and space. I swiftly asked the lovely lady behind the counter on what kind of hidden legendary power they have in the storage room. She knew what I meant, because she shared my passion for “Poke-Love”. After a few seconds, she came back with Pokemon DSLite bundle that has both Dialga and Palkia beautifully engraved on the led cover. I resisted but I finally succumbed to this powerful “Poke-Pressure” that weakened my body and soul, and seemed to quickly regain all my powers (and some) when I purchased it. Of course, I had to buy Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen and Final Fantasy IV to properly compliment the impressive power I have in my hands.

And finally, this is where kids we get to recap on the new vocabulary that we learned today:

  • Poke-Power
  • Poke-Instinct
  • Poke-Love
  • Poke-Pressure

Achievement Unlocked: Buy More Xbox360 Games

So, it’s been like more than 3 weeks since I got me an Xbox360 and so far I’ve been playing it like a madman. Almost, every free time I have after finishing school and doing homework, I find myself turning on the system and just playing like no tomorrow.

I’ve already seen BioShock to completion; with an impressive amount of achievements unlocked I may add. I passed the 80hours mark with Tales of Vesperia and reached the third and final part of the game but there are lots of side-questing to do and to complete. Blue Dragon is on a short halt for now, which is fine since I didn’t even get passed the first boss.

Not until the other day when I visited an independent videogame store near to where I live and witnessed the amount of games that were being sold in bargains! So, the geeky gamer I am, I went there earlier today, along with bunch of awful games I bought by mistake and trade them for (hopefully) good ones. I did have to pay the price difference at the end but it was like $90 (approx: 25KD). Seriously, take a look at what I got. With that price, I think I had a fantastic deal and saved a lotta money.

Those games should keep me in a pretty good shape (gaming-wise) for the next couple of months but I know I’ll be buying more games even if I had some that I couldn’t finish. The October/November/December period (i.e. the 4th Quarter) is seeing a massive amount of games released, so things are going to be pretty wild. Man, if only there’s a room or a chamber where time stands still so I can just play more and more without wasting precious time. Oh well, gotta go and play me some Eternal Sonata and get lost in its bursting colors and bustling soundtrack.

P.S. No need to worry about school. I usually finish all my work on campus before I return back to my apartment, and that’s probably due to the fact that my apartment has plenty of distractions that would avert my eyes from doing school work.

Walmart New Logo Losses The Hyphen

I’m probably late to the party with this piece of news but it seems Walmart is reinventing their logo once again. For those folks who haven’t been to the US, Walmart is basically one of the best and worst supermarkets in America, and it’s not a place where you can buy some walls (Thanks Paris Hilton). The new design losses the start hyphen in the middle but it gains a burst of sunlight at the end. Personally, I love the new design but the old one kinda has the “American feel” that we are all comfortable with. For those who are thirsty for a history lesson regarding Walmart logos, check the image below:

Too Many Books?

Ewooh! What's inside this Magrudy's Green Bag?

Ewooh! What's inside this Magrudy's Green Bag?

Just some books. Maybe too many or too little...

Just some books. Maybe too many or too little...

Or maybe there isn’t such a thing as having too many books. I purchased those books from those three stores in a six-day Dubai trip. Although, I’ve to say that I re-bought couple of books because I lent them to people who refuse to hand it back. Don’t worry; I’ll give them a piece of my mind once I see them again. And yes, there’s one Arabic-written novel in that pile.

The Three Earthly Heavens

Magrudy's Bookstore - BurJuman

Magrudy's Bookstore - BurJuman

Virgin Megastore - Mall of The Emirates

Virgin Megastore - Mall of The Emirates

Borders Store - Mall of The Emirates

Borders Store - Mall of The Emirates

Just take me there and let me be…

Post-Mortem: Dubai Trip

It’s been almost a week since I got back from Dubai, but the lazy bum that I am, I had to wait for like six days to talk about it. Every time, I tell myself that this would be the last time I abandon my blog for more than a week, I find myself abandoning it for too long, to the fact I started to lose readership (an unfortunate loss for a long time blogger).  So, I’ve asked myself: how would I repay the debit for all of that? Well, by writing a semi-comprehensive post that’s how. Allow me to share my insights regarding my trip to Dubai with my aunt and her “delightful” daughters.

Things I Loved In Dubai

  • Aside from the elevated, breathtaking skyscrapers that seem to stand high among the sky, it was the amount of construction that is going on that left a big impression. I’ve no idea when the constructions in Dubai will ever come to an end. It’s like a continuous cycle of death and rebirth; for every old constriction that goes down, a new one emerges out of nowhere in its place.
  • The diversity of people there never seizes to amaze me. I think Dubai is becoming the new London in terms of being a multi-cultural city. I found it very refreshing.
  • Another thing that I loved is that everyone seems to mind his/her own business. That is, you won’t find people starting at people, or horny men harassing/staking girls in malls. There is an apparent amount of respect among the residents and visitors of the city in spite how different they look or the choice of clothes they wear. Very distinctive indeed of what we have here in Kuwait.
  • The quantity of tourism and activities. If you think that Dubai is just a place where you just go and shop, then you are terribly wrong my friend. Unfortunately, you have to be loaded with dough to enjoy everything Dubai has to offer.
  • Mall of The Emirates! That place is like a shopping heaven. You are bound to find every single item in your shopping list there. Prepare to spend a whole day (or a two) there to enjoy every nook and cranny of this humongous mall.

Things I Hated In Dubai

  • The traffic, especially between 5PM to 9PM. No day goes by that I don’t get nuisance from the constant braking in the midst of the traffic. Having a full bottle of Perrier at the end of the day has totally become a daily ritual.
  • The taxi drivers! Half of them have developed quite an attitude, and some of them tend to develop a terrible body odor during rush hours. Keep a vomit bag handy whenever you ride a cab.
  • There are many conmen and people who wish to embezzle you, and cash in from your naïve knowledge. Make sure you equip yourself with basic familiarities regarding the cost of items and such. And be extra careful on whoever tries to befriend you out of nowhere. Even though I hate to endorse a stereotype, but some of the people living in Dubai has no humane conscious at all.
  • The customer service in some stores is really terrible, and yes, Zara is still one of them. Some of them really look down at you as if you are asking for their charity. My advice: become a total bitch whenever they act in a derogatory manner toward you. Show them who’s the boss.


The Chinese ship in Ibn Battuta Mall is glaring at the visitors.

The Chinese ship in Ibn Battuta Mall is glaring at the visitors.

Is that the flight info screen? No, wait! That's the movie schedule screen. Enjoy almost censorship-free movies in any of Dubai’s big cinemas.

Is that the flight info screen? No, wait! That's the movie schedule screen. Enjoy almost censorship-free movies in any of Dubai’s big cinemas.

A Meydon project in BurJuman shopping center.

A Meydon future project in BurJuman shopping center.

Behold! Mall of the Emirates...and Modhish!

Behold! Mall of the Emirates...and Modhish!

On the road, heading back home after a full day of shopping.

On the road, heading back home after a full day of shopping.

Musing: Shopping In Kuwait

Despite the herds of Muhajababes that seem to stare deep into my soul while buying the most provocative outfits…

Despite the Kuwaiti retailers that look insulted when you ask them for a bigger size of pants…

Despite the Lebanese sellers that seem to know French more than English, and have the slightest clue on who Ewan McGregor is…

Despite the gay bodybuilders who cannot wait to screw each other and have an orgy in the middle of the mall…

Despite the Mulla-looking dudes that are lurking in a place where they consider a “devil’s haven”…

Despite the flocks of youth that didn’t’ hit puberty but have a knack on hitting on girls who are 10 years older…

Despite the Indian car drivers that have no problem on running you over in the parking lot…

Despite the Westerns that got BBQed from the heat…

Despite being a racist while writing this post…

Shopping in Kuwait still has its charm and splendor.

Dolse & Gabbana!

Yesterday, I was strolling in one of the outdoor malls we have in my area, along with my friend Joe. We came into a Sunglass Hut store and we deiced to browse in for a little bit. I picked up a Dolce & Gabbana sunglass that I thought it looked good on me, and actually decided to buy it, but I wanted to confirm its price just in case.

Me: Excuse me, how much is this Dolce & Gabbana sunglass?

I emphasized the “che” while pronouncing Dolce. He looked at me like I just insulted his sister.

The Salesman: Ah, you mean Dolce & Gabbana sir.

He pronounced Dolce as in “Dolse”.

I smiled and tried not be a bitch about it.

Me: No, I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “Dolche” not “Dolse”. Just like Dulce de Leche ice cream flavor. It’s an Italian brand after all and this is how Italians pronounce it.

The Jerky Salesman: Sir, I’m certain it’s “Dolse”. I’m pretty sure I have the upper hand than you sir, with all due respect.

I was so angry that I wanted to punch him the face. I decided to adapt the whole “snobbish Kuwaiti attitude” and give him a piece of my mind.

Me: Listen you. I grew up on wearing Calvin Klein boxers and Hugo Boss shirts. I wear Prada shoes and Yves Saint-Laurent bags for hiking. I have tens of Lacosta t-shirts and Burberry pants. Not to mention my Roberto Cavalli jackets, Armani jeans, and Gucci accessories I have back home. Hell, even my optical eyeglass is from Versace. Believe me, I know what I am talking about.

The Jerky Salesman: That’s nice sir but I’m afraid you don’t wear “Dolse” & Gabbana brands much often.

That’s it. I wanted to teach this jerk a lesson so I called the attractive blond manager behind the counter.

The Blond Hottie: Can I help you with something?

Me: Miss, what is the name of this brand?

The Blond Hottie: That’s Dolce & Gabbana sir.

I looked at the salesman with a big smirk on my face

Me: Ahh, the inconvenient truth! Now, I would leave you to gloat on your accomplishment today for driving a customer crazy. Here, have your “Dolse” & Gabbana sunglass.

A While Later

Joe: So is it true that you have Calvin Klein boxers, Hugo Boss shirts, Prada shoes and all the stuff you mentioned.

Me: Hmph, do you think I’ll hang out with the likes of you if I had all of those things.

Joe: WHAT?

Me: Oh, sorry. It seems I’m still stuck in the snobby Kuwaiti attitude. Here, let me adapt my true persona.

Me: Ahem. Well, I do have luxury brands clothes and accessories but definitely not in large quantities that I seemed to imply back there. My eyeglass is indeed from Versace though.

RPG Heaven

I just added the following four games to my ever-expanding videogame shelf. I have no idea when I’ll find the time to actually play them, but I think I can manage to do so this weekend if there aren’t good movies to watch or satisfying reasons to go out. Although, considering the fact that most of them are RPGs doesn’t make things easier as most RPG games require extensive commitment from the player. To me, playing an RPG is like reading a novel. That is, I try to finish one RPG game at a time before moving to the next, but I usually indulge myself by playing another game from a different genre on the side. Here’s the order that I am going to play those games:

Console Games

This is actually a “director’s cut” version of the original Persona 3 that was released last year. The game introduces the player a new game scenario called “The Answer” which provides the true ending after the completing the original scenario that is entitled “The Journey”. The game also packs great amount of additional components such as new persona(s), quests, cut-scenes, and customs. If you missed the original Persona 3, don’t dare to miss this one. Click HERE to read my extensive review of the original game. The game is sold for a budget price of $29.99.

I missed the original Okami on the PS2 but thankfully, Capcom has ported the game to the Wii for a second round since it didn’t sell well on the PS2. The game is quite similar to the Zelda franchise and it features a plethora of side quests in addition to the main story. The Wii version exclusively supports 480p resolution and 16:9 widescreen, along with intact waggle. The game also comes on a budget price of $39.99.

Handheld Games

You didn’t expect me to miss a Final Fantasy game now do you? The game mainly focuses around Zack Fair and the events leading up to his demise. Expect to meet lots of new faces and familiar faces on this installment of the series. The game however is more action-orientated than the usual turn-based RPG fair. In another word, it is similar to the Kingdom Hearts series, which is something I highly approve. If you have a PSP and happened to be a Final Fantasy fanatics just like moi, then I’m pretty sure you already have this game to your library.

This game presents a truly fresh air to the action-RPG genre. The first thing you will notice is the distinctive funky art style, which is inspired by the aesthetics of Shibuya youth culture in Japan. Based on the reviews I read, the game features a very addictive battle system and a compelling storyline with fleshed out characters. Definitely a must have for those of us who hungers something original.