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The iTunes Shuffle Tag

I consider blog tags as one of the best and worst inventions in the blogosphere ever created. If you are lucky, you might get a tag that shows off your coolness to the world, and if you are jinxed like me, you get a tag that can completely devastate your entire readership in one post. This tag however, can be a little bit of both (i.e. a double edge sword). But In the end, I think my list has a whole “WTF” vibe going on if you asked me.

The premise of this tag is to simply answer the following questions by setting your MP3 player/iTunes (probably your iPod) to shuffle and then pressing next on each question. You have to jot down the name of the song for each question no matter how embarrassing or humiliating that song is. The tag also required the blogger to tag another 5 people, but I’m going to simply skip it because I’m a lazy bum.

It begins!

Q1: If someone says, “is this okay”, you say?

  • Song Title: The Battle For Everyone’s Soul
  • Album: Persona 3 Original Soundtrack
  • Artist: Shoji Meguro
  • Genre: Videogame

Q2: What Would best describes your personality?

  • Song Title: Candyman
  • Album: Back To Basics
  • Artist: Christina Aguilera
  • Genre: Pop

Q3: What do you like in a guy/girl?

  • Song Title: Legend of Zelda – Main Theme
  • Album: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Original Soundtrack
  • Artist: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sound Team
  • Genre: Videogame

Q4: How do you feel today?

  • Song Title: Rise & Fall
  • Album: Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace
  • Artist: The Offspring
  • Genre: Rock

Q5: What is your life’s purpose?

  • Song Title: Kad Albi Ma’ah (She Took My Heart With Her)
  • Album: Lealy Nahary (My Night, My Day)
  • Artist: Amro Diab
  • Genre: Arabic

Q6: What do your friends think of you?

  • Song Title: Say Goodbye
  • Album: .hack//sign Original Sound & Song Track 2
  • Artist: Yuki Kajiura
  • Genre: Anime

Q7: What do you think of your parents?

  • Song Title: Kiss Me Goodbye
  • Album: Final Fantasy XII (Original Soundtrack)
  • Artist: Angela Aki
  • Genre: Videogame

Q8: What do you think about very often?

  • Song Title: Heavenly Star
  • Album: Heavenly Star – Single
  • Artist: Genki Rockets
  • Genre: Pop

Q9: What do you think of your best friend?

  • Song Title: Everybody’s Changing
  • Album: Hope And Fears
  • Artist: Keane
  • Genre: Alternative

Q10: What do you think of the person you like?

  • Song Title: Bosne Wa Salehni (Kiss Me & Forgive Me)
  • Album: Allah We’Allam (God Knows Better)
  • Artist: Fadl Shaker
  • Genre: Arabic

Q11: What is your life story?

  • Song Title: Free From Fear
  • Album: Biohazard 3 Last Escape Original Soundtrack
  • Artist: Masami Ueda
  • Genre: Videogame

Q12: What do you think when you see the person you like?

  • Song Title: Eyes On Me
  • Album: Final Fantasy VIII – Piano Collection
  • Artist: Nobuo Uematsu
  • Genre: Videogame

Q13: What do your parents think of you?

  • Song Title: The Tragic Prince
  • Album: Castlevania: Symphony of The Night Original Soundtrack
  • Artist: Michiru Yamane
  • Genre: Videogame

Q14: What will you dance to at your wedding?

  • Song Title: Feeling Good
  • Album: It’s Time
  • Artist: Michael Buble
  • Genre: Vocal

Q15: What will they play at your funeral?

  • Song Title: No Air
  • Album: Jordin Sparks
  • Artist: Jordin Sparks (Feat. Chris Brown)
  • Genre: Pop

Q16: What is your hobby/interest?

  • Song Title: With My Own Eyes
  • Album: Atonement (Music From The Motion Picture)
  • Artist: Dario Marianelli
  • Genre: Soundtrack

Q17: What is your biggest secret?

  • Song Title: Mareed El Mahabah (Patient of Love)
  • Album: Hind 2008
  • Artist: Hind
  • Genre: Arabic

Q18: What do you think of your friends?

  • Song Title: Distant Memories
  • Album: Eureka Seven Original Soundtrack Vol. 1
  • Artist: Naoki Sato
  • Genre: Anime

Q19: What should you post this as?

  • Song Title: Jayi (I’m Coming)
  • Album: Inta Menni (You Are From Me)
  • Artist: Yara
  • Genre: Arabic

Q20: What do you think of yourself?

  • Song Title: Give It To Me
  • Album: 3 Doors Down
  • Artist: 3 Doors Down
  • Genre: Rock

My 6 Quirks

I know you already sick and tired from reading this tag all around the blogosphere, but I cannot turn down a tag request from a friend (thanks for mentioning me, G). So, without further ado, I present you my six quirks that are bound to make you think less of me:

  • I’ve been called the “Human Octopus” because I tend to move my hands a lot when I talk or passionately express my views. So take caution whenever you see yourself standing next to me, you might lose an eye.

  • My iTunes is proudly the most organized iTunes among my friends and family. I cannot sleep knowing that I don’t have the right track number, the right year, or the right album cover for a song that I recently downloaded or burned. Seriously, I can’t.

  • Despite being an adult, I still play Pokemon. I cannot damn help it. Every time I say to myself I’m going to quit, I found myself attracted to it like a moth to a flame. Although, I’ve stopped watching the cartoons and collecting the trading cards years ago. And yes, I’ve wasted more than 180 hours playing this game in order to catch, breed, and train my Pokemon into shape. I’ve to say, beating the crap out of 13 year old boys is incredibly satisfying, especially in a game they have mastered.

  • In 4th grade, I joined the Kuwait Boy Scouts Association, and thanks to that I got to shake hands and have a little talk with President George Bush senior when he visited Kuwait in 1994. I told him “Mr. Bush, can you take me to Disney Land so I can meet Mickey Mouse?”

  • I drink green tea twice a day.

  • I am extremely high maintenance when it comes to body odor to the extent that I take a shower before going to the gym. I also must make sure that the furthest person in the room can smell my cologne. Chewing gum or popping a breath mint is second nature to me.

I’m not going to tag anyone at all because I don’t want to become “that guy who forced me to write a post that I don’t feel like writing about”. But if you are on my blogroll, feel free to tag yourself.

My Visual DNA Report


Million thanks to Kuwaiti Femme for this cool site.

Basically what you have to do to get your own report, is to choose the most appropriate pictures that suit your personality and life style. After that, you will get your report and the opportunity to share it with everybody else by creating a widget. Since WordPress won’t display third parties’ widgets, I will give you the link instead for my report. Seriously guys check it out, it’s so awesome.

My Report

Get Your Own Report Now

A Book Tag

Been tagged by the sweet Kuwaiti Femme.

Apparently what I have to do is:

First, I had to grab the nearest book to me; it was the first colorful cover I laid my eyes on. Then, I had to go to Page 123 of the book. After that, I had to scroll down to the fifth sentence. Finally, I was asked to post the next three sentences in the book, the book’s name and the book’s author, and -it seems like- I have to post the book cover as well.”

Book Title: Running With Scissors
Author: Augusten Burroughs


“But you would have to be committed to a psychiatric hospital. Basically what would have to happen is that your mother would have to find you-” He chuckled under his breath, amused by the scenario.”-and drive you to the hospital.”

That reminds me, I better get me the two released sequels of the book.