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Death Note: If Only It Happened Like That…

We would have been spared from all the drama. Although, I really love drama, and drama loves me.


What’s Up With Nour?

These days, I feel like a stranger in my own country, but in a good way, and my discoveries concerning the hip and new seems never-ending. Apparently, Turkish drama shows are the latest and the hottest trend that is sweeping the Arab channels recently, and viewers have been watching them religiously and cannot seem to get enough of them.

The other day, I was in my uncle’s house upon receiving a dinner invitation, which I gladly accepted. After dinner, I’ve been asked about my major and my career, and as I passionately rumbled on regarding my interest in the field of Social Psychology, the antique clock in the hallway stroke ten times. Suddenly, my cousin shushed everybody in the room, and she silenced me from talking by shoving a sock in my throat.

Okay, that was a lie but I swear I saw her doing that to me in her eyes.

It didn’t take me too long to figure out that the dubbed show was originally Turkish, but I was confused on the choice the producers made on making them speak Syrian instead of Arabic, which was the default option in Arabic dubbed shows. However, I was morbidly inquisitive on the decision of exchanging the Turkish names of the characters with Arabic ones. I mean, if the Arab viewers are comfortable with Spanish names in dubbed Mexican soap operas, then why abandoning the consistency with the Turkish names? I kinda find it a little bit insulting, but I guess anything that keeps the viewers away from watching “a maid turned into a rich woman after having an amnesia” is finely approved by me.

Why Superman Sucks & Batman Owns

Out of all DC Comics characters, Superman is the one hero that I think he sucks major ass. I never got interested in his story, his comics, his cartoon, or even his movies. Even though I have some admiration for Smallville, Clark Kent is certainly not as compelling as other superheroes out there. And by other, I mean Batman. Of course, I’m not going to set here and be all judgmental without giving any convincing reasons. Allow me to share with you my personal list on why Batman kicks the crap out of Superman (which he actually did in The Dark Knight Returns) anytime.

  • Batman had a much more tragic childhood; watching your parents die is infinitely worse than hearing your biological parents died without ever having met them.
  • Batman’s crime-fighting style is based more on intelligence and planning while Superman almost always relays on brute force.
  • Batman is a detective, a scientist, a master of disguise, and a martial arts expert; Superman is a burly asshole in a red cape with big muscles.
  • Even though both characters steadfastly refuse to kill their enemies under any circumstances; it’s just a hell of a lot harder for Batman, which makes his attitude toward mercy all the more admirable.
  • It’s five times harder for Batman to do anything, which Superman takes for granted on a daily basis, yet he often does it a hell of a lot better.

Why I Like Shin Chan More Than Family Guy

First and foremost, I’m not going to favor one show and debase the other. I really like Shin Chan and I really like Family Guy but since the time I was introduced to Shin Chan, I’m starting to look at it as the funnier, smartly written and favorable “family” show.

What attracts me to Shin Chan more is the novelty of the jokes. For example, there are no consistencies in term how the gag is presented to the viewers. In Family Guy, the formula started fresh but then it became redundant and honestly quite dull; it’s still stuck in the whole joke-followed by-flashback cliché. With Shin Chan however, expect the unexpected as each episode has a theme and each joke is centered on that particular theme.

Another thing I like about Shin Chan is the flexibility. You see, Shin Chan has been translated and dubbed in more than 13 languages, and it has been easily edited as well. Even though the content of the show is original, it is so straightforward and universal that allows more freedom to the writers to come up with jokes and gags that are recognizable in their respective culture and targeted audience. I for one completely in love with the recent English dub; the dialogue and humor are extremely adult-oriented, with many sexual contents, black humor with slight references to popular American culture. But I also get encouraged to watch the original Japanese that deals with many social issues within the Japanese culture, and thus experience the show in a whole different level. However, in order to appreciate Family Guy, you have to watch it in the original “McFarland version”. Also, bear in mind that the English dub of Shin Chan has to be approved by the Japanese produces first before it begins to air stateside.

In the end, it’s all about which type of jokes are suitable for your liking. Family Guy has the outrageous and albeit offensive feel, the “Oh my God I cannot believe he said that” kind of joke. Shin Chan is more like “how do they come up with these stuff” type of joke where some of the scenes are so uncomfortably true and the dialogue is slightly memorable and smartly funny. In the end, I adore both comedies but if I were stuck in the desert with one show to choose between the two, I pick Shin Chan without hesitation.

Oprah’s Va-Jay-Jay

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The Last Supper!?

The Last Supper – Star Wars


The Last Supper – Battle Star Galactica


The Last Supper – Super Smash Bros. Brawl



The Australian Open


I have been keeping a close eye on the Kuwaiti blogsphere and I’m still wondering why anybody hasn’t mentioned anything about the Australian Open. C’mon people. Just because you don’t see sweaty men running after a ball doesn’t mean it isn’t worth watching (not to be disrespectful to soccer fans). Although I don’t exactly watch every single match, but I definitely watch the most important ones and whenever I see myself not doing anything else and there’s a game on. And for your pleasure only, I’ll share with you my favorite tennis players, 2 men and 2 women just so you won’t call me sexist.


o Won 12 Grand Slams singles (3 Australian Open, 5 Wimbledon. 3 U.S. Open)
o Named Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for a record third consecutive time
o European Sportsman of the Year 2007


o Three-time Grand Slam champion
o Holds the longest winning streak on a single surface in the open era
o Remains undefeated in his career at the French Open, having won all 21 matches


o Won two Grand Slam singles titles
o She is the fifth-ranked female player in the world
o She beat Serena Williams to take the Wimbledon title at the age of 17 in 2004


o Ranked third in the world on the Women Tennis Association (WTA) tour
o The #1 Serbian player