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The Real Wonderwoman

Just a commercial shows why the majority of modern women smell good even when they do what they usually do in their daily life.


This is the first episode of the weekly web show “AnimeTV“, in which anime fans review and discuss anime shows and critique them in different categories. The show is hosted by Johnny Yong Bosch (the voice actor of Ichigo in Bleach, and Vash in Trigun). I’m really a loyal fan of dubbed anime so I’ll probably keep a close eye of this web show even though it still lacks substance, and has a very cheesy intro theme.

Song Of The Day


FallOut Boy ~ This Aint a Scene, It’s an Arms Race
(Like it? Download it)

David Blaine Parody

If you are familiar with David Blaine, then you will know that he’s a magician in which he uses cards to play tricks with people. This video is just a parody and it’s all staged but it sure cracked me up.

The Facebook Stalker Video

Do you have a facebook account? Well, after watching this video I bet some of you are going to close it once and for all (I’m not doing it though). The skit is really funny and the lyrics that were influenced by Enrique Iglesias’ song Hero is genius. I wonder if I have a stalker too?

This Can Happen To You

Watching this commercial makes me wonder: What are the odds for this situation to happen? Girls, you might want to be careful when you are sleeping in an airplane. It is funny though.

Who Wants To Be A Loser?

Oh no he didn’t. Even so, I kinda feel sorry for him.

Contrast this guy with this ONE. Seriously, watch the clip and be amazed.

A Demon In Kuwait

I’m still quite uncertain about the validity of this video but it is nevertheless terrifying. My friend insists that it is indeed real…but I don’t know really. What do you guys think?

*UPDATE* The video turned out to be a fake as it was an imitation from the original video. Click HERE to see the original.

Hot Fuzz

YES, I loved Shaun of the Dead and I’m guessing I’m going to love this one too. Hot Fuzz is due to be released in the UK on 16 February 2007 and in the USA on 13 April 2007. Cannot wait.

#1 Most Viewed Video

I’m surprised that this video is considered the most viewed (hence, the most popular) video on youtube. It’s pretty funny but I was expecting a phenomenon. I may as well add, I’m also surprised that I have recognized most of the songs.