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Inside Kuwait

Hi fellas. Sorry for the lack of update since past week. Obviously, I was incredibly busy with meeting the family and friends and accepting invitations all over the place that I forgot about my blog. Now that I’m finely settled in and got adjusted to the speed connection of the wireless service in my home, I can finally resume blogging as usual. Now, allow me to share some tidbits that might be interesting or incredibly lame to you:

  • I finally got to vote for the first time and it was really exciting even though the process of voting was dull and long. However, I got devastated the next day since only one candidate from the four I voted won the elections, and I couldn’t hide the fact that I was so pissed. My friends re-assured me that loss of expectations in politics is pretty common and I’ve better get used to it, which made me feel like a political newbie. But seriously, is it really too much to ask to elect at least one woman in the parliament?
  • So far, the weather is pretty nice and not so hot as I expected. However, I know I’m going to eat my words in the next few weeks. Strolling in the Marina Crescent in the morning is so refreshing, although I didn’t spot Marzouq and his bike gang at all. I might need to wake up early to spot them in action.
  • I’m also surprised by the amount of American and English expats we have recently. I’ve been practically seeing them everywhere, and they even started to behave very Kuwaiti-like, which makes sense considering the society and economical factors (i.e. high salary) that’s been imposed on them. Not to sound like a racist jerk, I guess it’s nice to have them here instead of your average south Asian, Persian, or Arab expats that you are used to see.
  • I love my new bed. Its ten times better than the coffin I have back in the states. Although, I kinda miss my HDTV and my Wii (no pun intended).

Care to sleep with me? I’ll have the left side, and you get the right.

Bikinis Everywhere


My jogging routine has gone a littler hotter today; thanks to all the bikinis the girls were wearing in the park and near the dorms today. I mean seriously, the girls around here cannot wait to get some sunshine just to lie down on the grass and have a tan while wearing a bikini. I hope everyday is sunny as this; it’s good to have nice “scenery” around here once awhile.

It’s Snowing Tomorrow


Oh man, I was really enjoying the cool sunshine we had in last couple of weeks, but it seems another brief invasion of snow is up to ruin everything. However, I have got to admit, reading a book and having a cup of hot coco (or coffee) while it is snowing outside is certainly calming. And watching on demand movies has its kick too. That’s odd, it seems I’m more excited now….

PS: The degrees are in Fahrenheits not Celsius.

Rain Me Baby


Remember when I said before how Colorado’s weather is unpredictable, well today illustrates this quite well. I didn’t notice the sudden change in weather (it was gloomy) until I came out from my complex and I wasn’t in the mood to head back and fetch a sweater, so I thought, “I’ll be jogging for an hour, nothing will happen”.

30 minutes later (like halfway of the walking trial) the rain started to pour hard on me. And since I have a terrible immune system, I started to freak out (OK, maybe freaking out is a bit over the top). Usually there is always this “horse-tail” girl jogging with me at this time of the day and she runs like the devil is chasing her; and today was no exception, the horse tail chick still running; in fact, the rain gave her an extra boost.

I took a hot shower as soon I arrived to my apartment and thankful I didn’t get sick (I had a bit sneezes here and there but that was it). I headed to the bus station for the bus, and while I was waiting, a guy passed me and he was running in the middle of the rain as well, then I said to the girl next to me “Is he serious?” She laughed. She was kinda cute; we got talking for a bit and found out she is half-Lebanese. In the end, today was productive day especially since I scored me a friend.

Sunshine All The Way


Finally a week without any upcoming snow showers on the horizon. Today’s weather is fantastic; everybody was having a good time jogging. By the way, I don’t know if that is common to everybody, but every time I pass a girl while jogging or walking, we both have to smile to each other, and every time I pass a guy, we have to greet to each other by nodding our heads; I do that without even realizing that I am actually doing it. I wonder why?

Few Days Of Sunshine


Well, at least we will have some sunshine for the upcoming days…until Saturday. Man, I really hate winter, with snow outside I cannot jog and thus I cannot attend the gym regularly (you see I usually jog my way to the gym), and I don’t have a car to get to the gym either. In winter, I mostly wait for the snow to melt a little before I do anything; fortunately, the snow melted today so I can enjoy the next 3 days going to the gym and then have a break for 3 days after the snow showers. Sometimes I wonder why didn’t I go to University of California (Irvine) when they accepted me to their school! Oh that’s right because, I wanted some damn snow that’s why.

Snow Powder

I woke up this morning on this scene.


Everything was closed yesterday and even today. No restaurants are currently able to deliver and mall is closed…so is the airport. I guess I’m going to stay in my apartment tonight and hopefully do some shopping tomorrow. At times like these, I really hate that I live in Colorado.

Weather Channel Is On


  • The (FREE) Weather Channel was released yesterday and I was able to give it a quick test drive. It was actually fun and very intuitive; I was able to actually swing the Earth all around and check the weather in almost every country in the world. The service is free so I didn’t expect something mind-blowing such as Google Earth but it’s a very nice feature indeed, considering I live in a state that weather changes constantly. The Weather Channel is developed by the NASA satellite.
  • Make sure to update your Wii this Friday; you will be able to give the long-awaited (FREE) “Opera Beta Brower” a test drive and surf the channel using the Wiimote. This feature is actually quite handy since I can finally watch youtube and Nuks TV shows on TV.
  • Finally, on January 27th, Nintendo will release the (FREE) News Channel so you can catch up with the news while you are wasting your time playing Wii Sport. This time, I will have no excuse on missing the news. The News Channel is brought to you by CNN.