The Sweetest Thing: iPod Touch

It turned out last night wasn’t just a simple and casual hangout with my cousins. They surprised me with a gift: 16GB iPod Touch. Obviously my response was:

“You idiots! You should have got me the 32GB model.”


I’m kidding, I’m kidding. No, I thanked them very deeply for the sweetest thing ever because I’ve been craving the iPod Touch for quite some time now. Thankfully, we had some time after we had some Brownies and Blondies at Ruby Tuesday and we head to the Virgin Store at the Marina Mall. I got me a protective screen and a red plastic cover. It’s temporarily for now but at least it is doing its job.

  • Quick Question

I’ve done software upgrade for my iPod Touch now (1.1.4), but I still haven’t received the rest of the official applications such as Maps, Weather, and Stocks. Do I really have to purchase those applications? I thought my iPod was the recent model since my cousins purchased it recently from Amazon.

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  1. Gratz on the Touch.. unfortunately you have to purchase the software update through iTunes.

    nice wallpaper!


  2. Mabroukkkkkkkkkkkkk


  3. I got thos apps, but I bought mine from Apple and its the 32Gb. Send apple an email and see what they say. I think you got the newer model because they got john lennon on the box.


  4. What Fares said!


  5. The 32 gig model has the apps already installed, so that’s to bad… 🙂


  6. Congratulations on getting an ipod touch! You have some really nice cousins 🙂


  7. Actually there are two versions available on Amazon, 1 with the software update and the other without, most likely they stuck you with the one without, so you would have to shell out 20$ to buy the software update but a suggestion from me would be to wait 2 weeks or so, until iPhone 2.0 comes out and then you’d shell out 9.99$ for the same experience as iPhone holders 🙂

    The iPod Touch is awesome and so much fun I love using it, hell the most awesome thing is having my videos at the touch of my fingers. Not only my music hehe. So etkasra bl 3afya ehehe I am now waiting anxiously for iPhone 3G


  8. Congrats on the iPod touch, I know the feeling, I have been looking at them for some time and I’m very interested, except mine was dead on arrival. And that pissed me off!


  9. Posted by casey on June 20, 2008 at 10:25 am

    if that case is only temporary for now, check out for a sturdy case.


  10. i think im the only person left on planet earth that doesn’t have an ipod.. n i soo hate ruby tuesdays ekh!


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