Me & The Movie Theater Couple


Earlier tonight, me and a bunch of my friends went to the movie theater hoping to find something interesting to see. Unfortunately, not a single movie appealed to our diverse tastes, so we decided to watch whatever we want and any movies that we might have missed. We wound up dividing into several groups except for me because I wanted to watch the super chick flick movie The Jane Austen Book Club. Since I’m a big Austen fan I couldn’t miss a movie that has “Jane Austen” in it. So I bought my ticket, got me some Dibs, and went on to my theater.

The theater was completely empty except for a couple (a boy and a girl) sitting way in the back. I picked my seat and was kinda waiting for other people to show up, but nobody ever came. While the commercials (not the previews) were playing, I turned my back and the couple looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and said “So, I guess it’s going to be three of us tonight huh.” They laughed and the boyfriend said, “Yeah I guess so”. Then the girlfriend looked at me and asked, “so, aren’t you waiting for someone?” “No, but I came here with a bunch of my friends and we sorta ended up going to different movies. I’m kinda one of the few straight men who watch and read everything Jane Austen, so I couldn’t miss this one”. The girl got excited and asked, “What is your favorite Austen book?” “Well, I will always have a thing for Pride and Prejudice but I’d have to say I love Persuasion more than the rest. “Excellent choice. Mine is Sense & Sensibility.” The boyfriend grew restless from our conversation so I had to close the subject before he flipped out. “Well, let’s hope this movie isn’t a snooze fest”.

After the movie has finished, the girlfriend asked me “Did you like the movie?” I answered, “I was hoping for something phenomenal but I honestly have to say that I had a good time. It is definitely made for Austen’s fans.” Then the boyfriend said, “I, on the other hand, had a good nap. The only reason I came here is just so I could score tonight.” His girlfriend and I looked at him, shocked, we couldn’t believe he said that in front of me, a stranger. Then he heard himself saying that and looked away. I had to get out of their sight quickly, so I wished them good night and stormed out of the theater. So, the question for today is:

Did the boyfriend score?

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  1. Posted by Missy-TheOrginal on October 6, 2007 at 3:05 am

    lol Did I ever tell you that I absolutely love the fact that you love Austen? LOOOOL Anyway, really you liked the movie?! I bought the book a couple of months ago and I HATED IT. I was so upset. I thought it would be a really good read, I even picked it up without thinking when I first saw it as soon as I read the word Austen thought it would be hilarious but I was wrong. The characters weren’t fully rounded and the main problem was that the plot wasn’t moving at all. I reached half of the book and things haven’t picked up yet. I hope the movie fixed that… And yes Pride & Prejudice has got to be no.1 😉 Followed by Sense & sensbility 😀


  2. I don’t think so…


  3. loooool! You really screwed it up for that guy! hahahahah

    Two things could have happened.. he could have been really chill and wanted it to finish… or you made him look like an idiot!

    I would go with the later! hahahaha


  4. LOL! An honest dimwit! HEHEHEH!!! I don’t think he did bas the girlfriend is equally stupid – she should respect the dude 🙂


  5. I guess he didn’t score. Or at least not much…


  6. I don’t think he scored 😛


  7. i hope not!
    I hope the girl khaleta sleeping cold and alone!


  8. Definitely!! I think he did enough sleeping during the movie!

    And yaaaay! A guy Jane Austen fan. Good for you! And Persuasion??? You score big points, dude!!


  9. 1-0 Angelo


  10. looool, nice. Totally cool and unexpected. I doubt he scored haha!


  11. Definitely Not .. He would be a dreamer if he scored anytime in the next 5 months 😛


  12. Scored? NO WAY! 1. He doesn’t share her interests 2. He mocked her interest 3. He implied he was going to sleep with her in front of someone else. No! No! No! He did NOT score, except for a big ZERO!

    By the way – she wishes you would call her. She liked you.


  13. @Missy

    Hahaha glad you find my Austin obsession charming. I have to say, those kind of stories are more suitable to be in a movie rather than in a book. I’m not surprised you hated it because the characters were a blahh.

    @Blue Dress

    Same here 😉


    Let’s hope I didn’t cause a breakup or something. It will be awful to see that guy again.


    LOOL flock of feather always fly together I suppose.


    I concur.


    Yup just like somebody else said “He’s a dimwitt”.


    Yeah she probably asked him to sleep in the living room that night…or maybe every night.

    @This Lady Says

    That’s a big complement and I take it wholeheartedly.




    That’s the popular opinion it seems 🙂


    LOL Why 5 months? He should learn how to behave and respect though.


    LOL you think? Well, she was kinda cute…and I bet we can sit together and have a little Jane Austin club of our own.


  14. Posted by voltage on February 14, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    of course he did. sex is sex


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