Inside Kuwait

Hi fellas. Sorry for the lack of update since past week. Obviously, I was incredibly busy with meeting the family and friends and accepting invitations all over the place that I forgot about my blog. Now that I’m finely settled in and got adjusted to the speed connection of the wireless service in my home, I can finally resume blogging as usual. Now, allow me to share some tidbits that might be interesting or incredibly lame to you:

  • I finally got to vote for the first time and it was really exciting even though the process of voting was dull and long. However, I got devastated the next day since only one candidate from the four I voted won the elections, and I couldn’t hide the fact that I was so pissed. My friends re-assured me that loss of expectations in politics is pretty common and I’ve better get used to it, which made me feel like a political newbie. But seriously, is it really too much to ask to elect at least one woman in the parliament?
  • So far, the weather is pretty nice and not so hot as I expected. However, I know I’m going to eat my words in the next few weeks. Strolling in the Marina Crescent in the morning is so refreshing, although I didn’t spot Marzouq and his bike gang at all. I might need to wake up early to spot them in action.
  • I’m also surprised by the amount of American and English expats we have recently. I’ve been practically seeing them everywhere, and they even started to behave very Kuwaiti-like, which makes sense considering the society and economical factors (i.e. high salary) that’s been imposed on them. Not to sound like a racist jerk, I guess it’s nice to have them here instead of your average south Asian, Persian, or Arab expats that you are used to see.
  • I love my new bed. Its ten times better than the coffin I have back in the states. Although, I kinda miss my HDTV and my Wii (no pun intended).

Care to sleep with me? I’ll have the left side, and you get the right.

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  1. Posted by Sushi on May 21, 2008 at 5:16 am

    I love the colors in the painting! lol And boy you sure are generous! I never let anyone sit on my bed =))


  2. It seems like you are having an interesting time in Kuwait! I wish I had a long break just to enjoy myself!


  3. I have the exact same colour wall in my room 😀


  4. I am dying to know what Kuwaiti-like behavior the expats are exhibiting?


  5. I usually sleep on the right side so we’re good! (my right when looking at the bed)


  6. @Sushi

    Thanks Sushi. Actually the painting was done by my cousin. Well, I guess we have to get use to the fact that one day or later, a person will share our bed at some time 🙂


    Thank you Marzouq. But, I still haven’t seen you in Marina Crescent LOL. I wanna be your paparazzi 😀


    Good for you Sunshine.

    Yellow > all colors


    You know:

    – Reckless driving
    – Buffed up bodies
    – Expensive handbags
    – Branded clothes
    – Staring…like a lot

    But I didn’t mean it in a derogatory way.


    I’m more interested on why people prefer one side to another. Maybe observating the unconscious mind of the person might reveal the reason…


  7. Looks like you’re adjusting pretty well to life in Kuwait again 🙂


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