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Walmart New Logo Losses The Hyphen

I’m probably late to the party with this piece of news but it seems Walmart is reinventing their logo once again. For those folks who haven’t been to the US, Walmart is basically one of the best and worst supermarkets in America, and it’s not a place where you can buy some walls (Thanks Paris Hilton). The new design losses the start hyphen in the middle but it gains a burst of sunlight at the end. Personally, I love the new design but the old one kinda has the “American feel” that we are all comfortable with. For those who are thirsty for a history lesson regarding Walmart logos, check the image below:

Post-Mortem: Dubai Trip

It’s been almost a week since I got back from Dubai, but the lazy bum that I am, I had to wait for like six days to talk about it. Every time, I tell myself that this would be the last time I abandon my blog for more than a week, I find myself abandoning it for too long, to the fact I started to lose readership (an unfortunate loss for a long time blogger).  So, I’ve asked myself: how would I repay the debit for all of that? Well, by writing a semi-comprehensive post that’s how. Allow me to share my insights regarding my trip to Dubai with my aunt and her “delightful” daughters.

Things I Loved In Dubai

  • Aside from the elevated, breathtaking skyscrapers that seem to stand high among the sky, it was the amount of construction that is going on that left a big impression. I’ve no idea when the constructions in Dubai will ever come to an end. It’s like a continuous cycle of death and rebirth; for every old constriction that goes down, a new one emerges out of nowhere in its place.
  • The diversity of people there never seizes to amaze me. I think Dubai is becoming the new London in terms of being a multi-cultural city. I found it very refreshing.
  • Another thing that I loved is that everyone seems to mind his/her own business. That is, you won’t find people starting at people, or horny men harassing/staking girls in malls. There is an apparent amount of respect among the residents and visitors of the city in spite how different they look or the choice of clothes they wear. Very distinctive indeed of what we have here in Kuwait.
  • The quantity of tourism and activities. If you think that Dubai is just a place where you just go and shop, then you are terribly wrong my friend. Unfortunately, you have to be loaded with dough to enjoy everything Dubai has to offer.
  • Mall of The Emirates! That place is like a shopping heaven. You are bound to find every single item in your shopping list there. Prepare to spend a whole day (or a two) there to enjoy every nook and cranny of this humongous mall.

Things I Hated In Dubai

  • The traffic, especially between 5PM to 9PM. No day goes by that I don’t get nuisance from the constant braking in the midst of the traffic. Having a full bottle of Perrier at the end of the day has totally become a daily ritual.
  • The taxi drivers! Half of them have developed quite an attitude, and some of them tend to develop a terrible body odor during rush hours. Keep a vomit bag handy whenever you ride a cab.
  • There are many conmen and people who wish to embezzle you, and cash in from your naïve knowledge. Make sure you equip yourself with basic familiarities regarding the cost of items and such. And be extra careful on whoever tries to befriend you out of nowhere. Even though I hate to endorse a stereotype, but some of the people living in Dubai has no humane conscious at all.
  • The customer service in some stores is really terrible, and yes, Zara is still one of them. Some of them really look down at you as if you are asking for their charity. My advice: become a total bitch whenever they act in a derogatory manner toward you. Show them who’s the boss.


The Chinese ship in Ibn Battuta Mall is glaring at the visitors.

The Chinese ship in Ibn Battuta Mall is glaring at the visitors.

Is that the flight info screen? No, wait! That's the movie schedule screen. Enjoy almost censorship-free movies in any of Dubai’s big cinemas.

Is that the flight info screen? No, wait! That's the movie schedule screen. Enjoy almost censorship-free movies in any of Dubai’s big cinemas.

A Meydon project in BurJuman shopping center.

A Meydon future project in BurJuman shopping center.

Behold! Mall of the Emirates...and Modhish!

Behold! Mall of the Emirates...and Modhish!

On the road, heading back home after a full day of shopping.

On the road, heading back home after a full day of shopping.

A Dreadful E3 2008

How to sum up the most awaited gaming convention that almost every gamer in the world was waiting for since July of last year?

It. Sucked. Major. Ass

  • Microsoft’s conference was flashy and hip just like last year, but it didn’t have as many surprises and announced titles as initially anticipated. The new Avatar system was a nice addition even though it was a clear rip-off from Wii’s Mii functionality. Gears of Wars 2 and Fallout 3 weren’t big surprised since it was announced weeks before E3. But, I guess the confirmation of Final Fantasy XIII coming to Xbox360 was definitely an unexpected turn of event. I always thought Metal Gear Solid 4 would squeeze its way to Microsoft’s cherished home console, but Final Fantasy XIII, not in a million years. I think I’m more surprised how Sony let this game slipped from their hands than anything else. And finally, Banjo-Kazooie remake announcement has definitely made my day and made me more eager to snag an Xbox360.

  • Sony’s conference was a snooze fest as always. The video renting service didn’t do a thing for me at all, and the announcement of God of World III was expected, unfortunately, the trailer that was shown wasn’t direct gameplay footage, but I don’t think the game would change significantly from its predecessors. The price cut however was nice; despite the fact it served the same function as the 40GB model (i.e. no backward compatibility with PS1 and PS2 games).

And that’s all she wrote folks. Click HERE to sink your teeth for more E3 news as it comes. Who knows, we might get a surprised announcement from some publisher since E3 still hasn’t closed its doors for its attendants.

P.S. Please, take off your fanboysim shoes at the discussion door before you chip in your 2 cents. It won’t be tolerated here.

How Sweet It Is: iPod Touch Applications

[click to enlarge]

Since I downloaded the latest iTunes version (7.7) yesterday morning and purchased the newest firmware (2.0) for my iPod Touch, I’ve been quite a frequent visitor to the iTunes Store, searching for neat and new applications to add to my iPod Touch. Thankfully, I have a US-based Apple account, so I was able to net some nifty applications that aren’t normally available in the “Kuwaiti branch” of the iTunes store. I was tempted to download much more than the ones that are shown above, but I decided not to rush things out and cram my iPod with useless applications.

So far, I think I’m in love, and quite impressed by the intuitive interface. Although, I’ve to say that Apple should keep an eye out on some stupid worthless Apps that are just a waste of space and human intelligence (I mean, have you checked out the “Hold On!” application?) *Barf*

P.S. All the applications I downloaded so far are free. Yup, it turned out I am a cheap person after all…Wait! What?

When Hollywood Leading Men Cry

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most profound. Photographer Sam Taylor-Wood‘s project “Crying Men” consists of images of celebrities, all men, simply sobbing. In one way or another, the subject of each photo is a masculine figure, making the heartbreak etched in the faces of those who were able to summon a memory painful enough to elicit a convincing reaction all the more poignant.

According to Wood:

“Some of the men cried before I even finished loading the camera, but others found it really difficult. People can decide for themselves which they think are the authentic tears and which they think are fake. It’s about the idea of taking these big, masculine men and showing a different side.”

Here are my absolute favorites:

Click HERE & HERE for more!

Yoshitaka Amano – The Fantasy That Never Ends

Yoshitaka Amano deserves no introduction for Final Fantasy devotees such as myself. He isn’t the guy who builds the 3D models of the characters in the games, but the person who draws the cover, the booklet, and designs the actual look for the characters, although that only applies for the first six Final Fantasy games. Since Final Fantasy VII, he settled in doing character’s artwork and designing the title logo for Final Fantasy games. Mind you, he doesn’t work in the videogame industry exclusively, his work can be seen in anime, fantasy novels, high class painting exhibits, and even theater design.

Amano’s work has to be one of the finest and intricate designs I’ve seen so far; it has very minimalist and wispy quality to it. It’s elegant, fresh, atmospheric and dynamic. His creation definitely has stood the test of time. In order commemorate his excellent work and his 56th birthday (July 28th), I’m going to change the banner of my blog and replace it with one of his fine work.

The Sweetest Thing: iPod Touch

It turned out last night wasn’t just a simple and casual hangout with my cousins. They surprised me with a gift: 16GB iPod Touch. Obviously my response was:

“You idiots! You should have got me the 32GB model.”


I’m kidding, I’m kidding. No, I thanked them very deeply for the sweetest thing ever because I’ve been craving the iPod Touch for quite some time now. Thankfully, we had some time after we had some Brownies and Blondies at Ruby Tuesday and we head to the Virgin Store at the Marina Mall. I got me a protective screen and a red plastic cover. It’s temporarily for now but at least it is doing its job.

  • Quick Question

I’ve done software upgrade for my iPod Touch now (1.1.4), but I still haven’t received the rest of the official applications such as Maps, Weather, and Stocks. Do I really have to purchase those applications? I thought my iPod was the recent model since my cousins purchased it recently from Amazon.

Twitter Addict!!

Thanks to Snookie, I’ve been easily convinced to join Twitter and put down a profile of my own. I was surprised to find some of the bloggers I know there and already started to follow them. Feel free to follow me as well if you feel like doing so. Now, the big question is, when this fad will start to fade away from my life?

My Profile

Nightmare Photography


Do not, I repeat, do not scroll further down if you have a weak heart or get terrified easily. The following photographs are exceptionally bloodcurdling and can easily awaken your dormant childhood nightmares. You’ve been warned!

Photographer Joshua Hoffine takes pictures of the things we all love to hate: nightmares. There’s a wide array of horrors in his online portfolio but the selected images below are easily favorites of mine since they awfully resonate to my own childhood nightmares . According to Joshua:

I believe that the horror story is ultimately concerned with the imminence and randomness of death, and the implication that there is no certainty to existence. The experience of horror resides in this confrontation with uncertainty. Horror tells is that our belief in security is delusional, and that monsters are all around us.

Don’t Look Under The Bad!

Don’t Go Downstairs!

Don’t Open The Fridge!


The Top 10 Coolest Items In Videogames

Videogames are cool, and nobody can deny that. But, what are considered much cooler are the wild imaginations and innovations that some videogame developers possess in creating unique inventory roster in our most beloved gaming series. Thus, I complied a list of what I consider, the coolest items in videogames. Now, bare in mind, these are items NOT weapons, so don’t replay back on why the hell I didn’t include the Gravity Gun that was founded in Half-Life 2. Now, relax, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite brand of whiskey, and enjoy the list along with tongue-in-cheek commentary.

10. Bubble Shield – Halo 3

Sure, I might not be your biggest Halo fan but I do appreciate creativity in good games with good guns, but in this case, good devices. This nifty item will provide great protection to the projector and protects him/her against bullets, explosions, lasers, plasma, and flames. Unfortunately, any person can walk freely in and kill you inside, but if such items ever existed in real life, people caught up in wars can shelter themselves as they cross the battlefield for safety. But as long mankind prefers exploiting its resources in nuclear weapons, such items cease only to exist in our imaginations.

9. Evoker – Persona 3

At first glance, Evoker might seem your average everyday gun, but looking deeper into its main function certainly makes it one of the coolest items created for an RPG. The Evoker is a special handgun that does not cause physical harm when fired in the head; instead, it causes emotional stress in order to summon forth a Persona that has unique characteristics based on the individual. Who knew shooting yourself in the head could be so cool!

8. First Aid Spray – Resident Evil Series

Got bitten by a Zombie? Pecked to death by angry crows? Torn apart by wild dogs? Almost sliced in half by a Spaniard wilding-chainsaw? Fear not, because consuming one bottle of this first aid spray will cure all your wounds, cuts, and bruises, just like magic. Unfortunately, even though the spray does have the potential to heal you from giant mutated shark bites, it doesn’t do a thing when you are suffering from poison bites from tiny snakes. Oh, what a cruel world we live in.

7. Codec – Metal Gear Solid Series

Even a loner solider such as the legendary Solid Snake enjoys engaging in conversations or two. With this codec, Snake is able to keep in contact with his team or the people he met in his mission, and inadvertently, uncover tons of secrets and hidden psyches that some of those people come to expose when talking to Snake. The coolest thing is that the Codec is very tiny and placed inside the ear, so outsiders wouldn’t notice it or even hear it, very handy during boring lectures. Although, you might get some unexpected calls from people telling you how to climb a ladder. Joy!

6. Starman – Super Mario Brothers.

People might argue that a 1-Up Mushroom is way much cooler than a tiny star with dilated eyes, but I humbly disagree. You see, not only Starman grants its owner a complete protection from any harm, but it also provides the most near-drug experience with its weird, constantly-changing colors and joyful jingle. This elusive item has always captivated our childhood memories and unconsciously progressed to our adult mind in a form of cellphone ringtone, but with zero invulnerability of course.

5- Camera Obsecura – Fatal Frame Series

Digital camera is so overrated, camera obsecura for the win baby! This Japanese-made camera is quite handy if you live in a hunted house where angry ghosts roam unreservedly, and seem to have a knack on following you around to chock you to death. It is also completely upgradeable as long you have a wealthy supply of spirit stones and spirit points to exchange back. In order to exorcist the evil spirits, all you have to do is to stand patiently as they move close in a face-to-face contact range and then shutter. See, very easy and not so stomach-churning experience at all, is it?

4. Ocarina of Time – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask

Leave it to Nintendo to turn a mundane item into one of the most imaginative and mystical items ever created. This ocarina that is considered the most sacred treasure of Hyrule Royal Family that grants its user so many privileges. For starter, it will enable you to teleport anywhere you like (as long you play the right tune that is) and the ability to open the most sacred doors in all of Hyrule. However, what makes it the coolest musical instrument in a videogame ever is that it can slow and speed up time, and when the right melody is played, it can even take you back in time, roughly by 3 days. Very handy indeed!

3. Pokeball – Pokemon Series

Move over the Pikachu, the Pokeball is the most iconic representation on what makes Pokemon the cool game that only the cool kids play with. Smaller than a finger, able to contain creatures larger than a bus, Pokeballs are easy to sneak into a fight and hard to defend against. Sure, The whole thing smells of slavery, or at least kidnapping in real life: Let’s beat an animal until it can’t struggle anymore, and then stuff it in a ball! However, if that what it takes to become a Pokemon Master, then hell with morality and ethics, I’m going to catch as many Pokemon as I can and then pimping them with each other, and train them hard until they faint.

2. Celestial Brush – Okami

Okami gamers might argue that the Celestial Brush is Amaterasu’s main weapon, but from what I see it, it has numerous functions that strip it from a mere weapon title. This fabulous brush can be used to draw a sun, rejuvenate wilted plants, build bridges, slash foes, and even create bombs, and all it takes is simple strokes and loops. Your imagination would certainly go wild if this item ever existed in real life, but then again, who knows what a measly human would do with that kind of power? I guess it makes more sense that such item has to be wielded by a God.

1. Phoenix Down – Final Fantasy Series

I cannot tell you how many times I used this item over and over. It’s certainly the most useful and also the coolest item ever created. The item is supposed to be the feather of a Phoenix, a common symbol of life and rebirth; you can use it to revive an unconscious party member or kill an undead foe (i.e. a Zombie) with a single hit. Such item will certainly be valuable in real life as you can help hordes of people with pure doses of Phoenix Down. Again, just as I stated before, this item is used to revive the unconscious, not the dead, so it makes total sense on why Cloud and his gang didn’t use it to resurrect Aerith in Final Fantasy VII when she was killed by Sephiroth.